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next yr I need to schedule the day off for the 4th....

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I generally always work the night shift on 4th of July as we aren't big fireworks folks in my family so it doesn't seem like much of a holiday for me.

every year there is some 0- dark 30 fireworks related disaster that could have been easily prevented.

a few years ago for example I learned this valuable lesson: don't shoot bottle rockets out of your a$$. no good can come of it. enough said.

last night I learned that getting very intoxicated( etoh= .18 from "3 beers") and standing in front of a mortar type launcher can result in an open skull fx with associated subdural bleed. another fellow (also drinking) didn't throw one of the big M-100 + style fireworks fast enough. big hand lac and probably 10 embedded fb's in his eye. between suturing the lac and removing all the fb's took well over an hr.

another guy lit an unexploded firework in the palm of his hand by draining a bit of powder and lighting it thinking he could throw it fast enough. transfer to burn center for eval and probable skin grafting.

I am starting to not like the 4th....

kids, take it from your uncle emed, alcohol and explosives don't mix.

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Guest Paula

I remember the three years I spent doing locums in EM. It brings back the stupid drunk injuries I saw too. I worked far too many holidays as an EM locum, decided it wasn't really my forte and now love being back in Family Practice. I will have to say the locums work and extra money helped get the three kids through their college programs.


Now I enjoy my 12 federal holidays! Not trying to rub it in..........:saddd:

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