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Usa jobs pa vs np

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had a very interesting discussion with the local VA


Always has a tough time filling position, typically posts only for NP's except for a few token PAs

spoke to the head of the primary care line - think she was an RN or even just a nonclinical manager


In short, the person making the decisions on a day to day basis is an NP and feels only NP's can fill the roles......


So I am a veteran start to ask questions (and low and behold) someone above her has stepped in and supposedly future postings will be for PA/NP


Strange indeed that such a basic thing - the hiring of a Home Base Primary Care Program (BMPC) PA or NP which at the NATIONAL level can be an PA or NP is redefined to only be NP at a local level by a local decision maker......


I am persisting on trying to get "hired" somehow as a contractor for house calls in my county. They supposedly have hired an NP to cover 3 different counties, but she is a at least 1 hour if not 2 hours away on a good day from most my county.



So if there is a job you want - go after it - try to get a hold of a higher up - don't waste you time with locals, and don't go national (they just say it is a local decision)


I would even think a call to your senator's office might be of help if you are a Vet......

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