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Contract questions

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I am looking at part time work with potential to move to full time if I want. This is with a large staffing group in a small/medium rural ED. I am having a Lawyer review this for me but I wanted to run a few thing by everyone else.


1) Contract states to give notice of 90 before leaving(part time or full), if you leave before this it states that they can make you pay for filling any shifts that you leave. The rep for the company says that she has never seen this happen before. It seems like 3 months is just too long, 1 to 2 months notice at the most is what I have seen before.


2) 1mil/3mil coverage for malpractice, this seems low for this area of practice. I have better coverage at my current FM/UC job.


This job pays much better than what I am making now, but does not have any vacation which is not a plus. Any suggestions are appriciated.

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Both points are pretty much industry standards, at least for EM, and hospital based practices.

The 90 day out clause ( usually modified by the hospital requirement that the company be able to fire immediately "for cause" without any notice at all) is in reconition of the onerous credentialling process... It usually takes 60-90 days to recruit, screen and license and credential a replacement.


Most places are pretty lenient on the " you pay for your replacement costs" if The reason you leave is " understandable", ( kid seriously Ill, you get hospitalized, major life changing event, you go into dependency treatment, etc.


Most places that want to hire you understand this process, as they face it too.


Few, very few, EM jobs have paid vacations.. I have NEVER had a job that paid for vacations. This is taken into consideration when salaries are asked for/ offered... 10 days paid time off has a value between $5000-9000, depending on your proposed hourly salary and normal hours worked. This works out to between $2-5/ hr based on a 2000hr work year.

At some point, we start having to subsidize our own "benefits".

The more you subsidize, the higher your pay rate, and vice versa.

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