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PA doing MSK ultrasound/ US guided injections

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I am a PA in Massachusetts working in orthopedic surgery, We just obtained an Ultrasound machine at our private practice so that I might start doing ultrasound guided injections.

1.) Does anyone know what the MA laws are regarding PA's formally documenting interpretations of ultrasounds for diagnostic purposes?

2.) What point do you have to check in order to be a reimbursed procedure?

3.) Any tips for keeping sterile technique with the gel?


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1) No idea in MA laws, but if it's in your doc's scope of practice and in your practice agreement or whatever, you're golden legally.

2) It varies.  There is no formal checkoff process--whatever your insurance payors require.  I have had almost zero pushback in using POCUS in a primary care setting.

3) Sterile gel packets FTW.  There are separate probe covers, but if you want to go cheap, put a sterile glove on the probe.

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