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Fellow 1st years - how're you holding up?

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In 15 classroom days and 13 tests, I'll have finished my first semester in PA school- I can't believe that I'm already a 3rd of the way through the didactic year! It's been incredibly humbling, inspiring, fascinating, dull, frustrating, motivating and demoralizing in turn over the past 14 or so weeks. It's crazy how you work so hard for something and finally get it, and you had no idea what you were getting yourself into.


In the spirit of Thanksgiving (a little late), this first semester of PA school I'm thankful for:


*My awesome classmates

*My incredibly understanding husband who both cooks and doesn't mind eating pizza every other night

*The What Should We Call Med School Tumbler

*Netflicks, for allowing me to watch the complete series of Grey's Anatomy while I'm on the treadmill

*This video of 40 motivational speeches in 2 minutes:

*This forum, for reminding me that 1). people actually do graduate and become real live PA's and 2). so many people would kill for my spot, I should suck it up and be happy I have it

*Bates.... (just kidding, nobody's thankful for Bates)


Anyway, good luck out there! I feel you, it sucks, you're tired (I'M TIRED!!!) but in a few short weeks we can all watch A Christmas Story in our pajamas and forget we'll ever have to learn anything again.. At least for a few days. Then we'll be right back at it and in our SECOND (or 3rd, for you summer starters) semester of PA school, and that much closer to clinicals. wahoo!!

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Wow 15 days and 13 tests...I have 2 tests this week then kind of a smooth coast until Christmas. Last month was crazy though. I am thankful that I love school! It is hard but I am doing well and 3 months in finally feel 100% settled and confident that I can do really well at this. Now just need to figure out how to fit working out into my schedule before losing any more muscle mass :)

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I am finishing my last semester of my didactic year in 16 days from today!! We have 1 final practicle, 1 exam, and 5 finals left and we are officially 2nd year PA-S's. I start my first rotation on January 7th! I can not believe how fast this year has gone by and it is scary that apparently the clinical year goes by even faster! Whoa!

Good luck to you all on your ocmpletion of your first year, you can do it! Try and enjoy the holidays! :)

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Two weeks between me and the holiday break! Wow! I can't believe how fast the second semester has gone! And, for me at least, it wasn't as stressful as the summer even though the class load was larger. Maybe I'm just numb?! lol Either way, I am thankful (like many others) that I LOVE school and learning and that I have a very supportive husband and 5 children!


*I am thankful that they have had more of my time this semester than the last.

*I am excited about clinicals- 6 months away- and that we have three electives, rotation abroad opportunities and external rotation opportunities!

*And I am thankful that I have the confidence that I can not only complete the program successfully, but I can do it well. Maybe it won't be all A's, but I'm doing well ...

*and more able to balance school and family life :)

*I'm also thankful for this site- it has been helpful since I decided to become a PA and I am glad that my profession is supportive of all of its members- from start to finish!


It has been a whirlwind and at times I have just had to have faith in the program and trust it- and that has worked! Congrats to us all for being here- in school and for each other!

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