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  1. The system I work for is banning all nonessential business travel (including CME/conferences). I had had to cancel my plans to attend a a very small conference in Baltimore later this month. I’m just converting those days to home-study CME. People who are speaking/presenting at conferences are still allowed to attend. No restriction on vacation yet.
  2. I'm about 11 months into my first job as a PA. Also in primary care. The learning curve is brutal. I think I've learned more in the past 11 months than in the prior 30 years (aka my whole life!). I don't really have any further suggestions beyond what you've been given above, but just wanted you to know you're not alone. It does get better! As I close in on the year mark I find myself needing to ask my SP fewer and fewer questions, although I continue to live on UpToDate. Do you know that your SP is not willing to mentor you, or is it more of a case of him/her not reaching out to you?
  3. I just graduated last year, so it's all still very fresh, but what I think I'll remember most is the camaraderie with my classmates. From quick walks outside during 5 minute breaks to frantic last-minute study sessions before exams to random nights at the bar- those 28 other people (really maybe 5 of them if I'm being honest) made my PA school experience a great one. I also remember the 2nd day of the 1st semester, leaving school after the first day of anatomy and sobbing the whole way home because I was sure I would never be able to keep up. Also, my cadaver grew mold in her pelvi
  4. I graduated last August and started working in September- so I'm about 5 months into my first job- I'm in family practice and I got hired from a rotation, so my former preceptor, now SP, pretty much knew what I did and didn't know before I started. Honestly that was and is a huge bonus. Have my teacher turn into my boss has made for a really supportive environment for me. The first week I presented every pt to my SP, same as I did as a student. Then I had about 6 weeks of 30 minute appts (so enough time to look everything up!). Now I see pts every 15 minutes and can more or less keep up.
  5. I just started my first job as a PA and I'm on family medicine- I say DERM all the way. Pts are always having me check their various moles and warts. I wish I had done a derm rotation bc I feel very weak in that area.
  6. My advice, as a brand new PA-C who was in your shoes a very short 2 years ago, is to try to maintain a little perspective. Getting into PA school was your biggest hurdle. The vast majority of students who start the program go on to finish it and become PAs. Now you're on a conveyor belt, the same one that many have successfully ridden in the past. All you have to do is keep trying, keep sane, and keep showing up. For me, the first round of exams was by far the hardest- not because of the material but because of the intimidation factor- not knowing if I was studying correctly or adequately
  7. Passed too! Got my email at 9:59 am today (Thursday). Congrats to my fellow brand new PA-Cs!
  8. Congratulations!!! I took it yesterday... really hating this whole waiting thing.
  9. I'm actually currently doing a 3-day course in Syracuse, NY and I LOVE it. It's intense, fast, but feels like a really awesome review. I already feel a ton more prepared. Tomorrow (Monday) is the third day and then I'm taking PANCE on Thursday, although the guy who runs this one recommends taking about 2 weeks after the course before taking PANCE.
  10. As most everyone else has said, yes it's normal. However, I am in the minority here and will say that I HATED it. We had to switch partners weekly and we're not allowed to pull curtains closed, so the whole class could see everyone. I know that in medicine skin is no big deal, but for me, MY skin being on display like that in front of my peers was a huge deal that caused me anxiety each time we had to do it. My favorite thing about being in my clinical year is that I get to keep all my clothes on! In the long run though, it was a small price to pay for the privilege of being a PA-C s
  11. I've never been bothered by blood and guys, but I still fainted once during my ob/gyn rotation while assisting during a c-section. Classic case of not eating in ~12 hours and spending most of the day of my feet. I realized it was about to happen, let go of the retractor I was holding, announced that I had to step back and that I wasn't feeling well, and the circulating nurse got a chair under me just as I was about to go down. I didn't contaminate anything and I didn't fall on the patient or anyone else. My preceptor actually commended me later on handling it professionally and giving everyone
  12. I worked as an executive recruiter (in higher ed, not healthcare) for 5 years before PA school. You did not hire this agency, so you won't pay them anything- they are working for the healthcare system and will be paid by them for finding you. This should not affect your salary in any way. You will be an employee of the healthcare system, not the agency- unless this is a temp or temp-to-hire situation, in which case I would just talk to the recruiter that is working with you to get the details.
  13. I'm in class from 8-4:30 Mon, Wed, Thurs and 8-8 on Tuesdays. We have no classes generally on Fridays. Although I don't really work out (I didn't before school started either), several if us walk during breaks and at lunch, and I try to go on at least one hiking excursion every weekend. I get most of my school work done on weekends and don't generally study for more than 1-2 hrs/night during the week unless I have an exam. To get into PA school, I spent 2 years taking pre-reqs, working at my full time "real" job and also working per diem as a CNA to get HCE. I personally find PA school to
  14. Not a website, but I (and some of my classmates) have been using an iphone app called Instant ECG. I think it was $0.99 well spent- although I'll know more about whether it was actually helpful after my EKG exam/competency on Wednesday!
  15. This described my first semester, exactly. Except for me, anatomy was more like a rusty nail sticking right into my foot the whole time. Thank God they required me to get my Tdap before school started!
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