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  1. Thoughts on the following offer would be great! Thanks in advance- new grad in a couple of weeks and the position is in south FL with a well established cardiology group with 4 physicians and 2 NPs. I'd round at 3 hospitals (divided between the mid-levels) then head to the office. M-F work with evening call once a week and call every 5th weekend. Doc takes the ED calls and calls from other physicians. Base salary: 85k Bonus- stated, but no info on how it is calculated (I asked, but no further info) Cell allowance- $75 month Milage $300 month Practice covers credentialing at the three hospitals Med Mal covered, but tail coverage is 'provided at discretion of employer at time of termination of contract' PTO- 21 days (includes vacation, sick, CME, etc) $1000 CME- (if CME funds are used and I were to leave the practice with in 6 months after I would have to pay this back and if I left before 1 year after the funds are used I'd have to pay back 50% of this) Paid holidays- 6 Membership to one professional association Paid FL licensure 401k- after 1 yr, no matching/contribution Health- 60% of mine only (no family plan) or $2400 with proof of other insurance (though spouse, etc) No dental/vision Can moonlight with prior approval only, no no-compete clause Potential for $5k increase at 6 month mark based on evaluation Yearly contract (but either party can provide 90 days notice) I think that is all of the major points. I need to send them a reply soon so any thoughts are great!
  2. Congrats Andrea! And all others as well of course!
  3. I know that many people 'find' their rommies on FB as well, so check out your class' FB page and post there that you are looking and when you might be here to check out the different places. Others that are looking too will likely catch up with you that way :) But, some people live in Wilmington and many in Newark/ Bear. The Newark locations are closer. Most of us live in Rockwood, Brandywine and a couple in Barrett's Run (probably the closest and where I am).
  4. @ OpSite- I'm glad someone understands 'lonely' and that it doesn't mean that you feel ostracized or anything, or that people aren't supportive, or that your classmates don't like you! I few people I have shared that with look at me like I am crazy and I should put more into being close to those in class with me. But, the truth is, any free time I have either needs to be FOR ME or, more often, for my family. It isn't that I don't want to at all. Also, I don't have much in common with many of the if you remove school from the picture. That isn't a bad reflection on any of us, it just is. AND- I never expected that. It was probably the hardest thing to get my head around at the start. It is always hard to get your head around something that is not as your brain/heart expected it to be. So- I guess for others, I'd say don't EXPECT anything, but be open to everything when it comes to that part of school anyway. Yes, purple horns... or one eyed, one horned, and flying! :)
  5. Two weeks between me and the holiday break! Wow! I can't believe how fast the second semester has gone! And, for me at least, it wasn't as stressful as the summer even though the class load was larger. Maybe I'm just numb?! lol Either way, I am thankful (like many others) that I LOVE school and learning and that I have a very supportive husband and 5 children! *I am thankful that they have had more of my time this semester than the last. *I am excited about clinicals- 6 months away- and that we have three electives, rotation abroad opportunities and external rotation opportunities! *And I am thankful that I have the confidence that I can not only complete the program successfully, but I can do it well. Maybe it won't be all A's, but I'm doing well ... *and more able to balance school and family life :) *I'm also thankful for this site- it has been helpful since I decided to become a PA and I am glad that my profession is supportive of all of its members- from start to finish! It has been a whirlwind and at times I have just had to have faith in the program and trust it- and that has worked! Congrats to us all for being here- in school and for each other!
  6. Hi all- I'm a mom of 5- oldest is nearly 17, then 10, 9, 7, 6. I'm a 1st year and doing well. I'll post more later, but in general I agree with everything Steve said! I think we are twins, lol. We to have been married for 10 yrs and together for 12, were both military for different countries, moved many times, survived hurricanes where we lost it all... the list goes on. We also though that we were about as strong as it gets. But, we also knew this would be a test- and it has been. It has been hard on us all. And like Steve, prior to this I commuted 600 miles a week and had to study, husbad works full time and has the house and kids. I don't commute now, but I did move my family 1600 miles from home for this program. That has been hardest on the kids. We are doing counseling now- both individually and together- to try to stay sane and stay together. It can be done. I wouldn't change being here, but I would have liked to have waited a bit longer. I didn't have the option as my GI bill would have expired and then I couldn't have been here at all. Anyway, more later- finals up and coming and I have to force myself to study (I also study like Steve and the others and stuff gets data dumped, so for a comprehensive final... stressful!) Oh, on another note- it worked out that the one other mother in my class had to leave the program for personal reasons. I am the only one with children at my campus. A few others are recently married. So, the only people that can relate are the professors that did it with a family. They have been great. But, I wish I had more of an understanding from classmates, I mean a REAL UNDERSTANDING, of what this takes. They are all supportive, and frequently tell me "I don't know how you do it!" But that isn't the same. More later- feel free to pm me if it takes a while for me to get back... again, distracted by finals!
  7. My degree is in Russian lang and lit- minor in bio medical sciences. It doesn't matter and I have found that this profession, perhaps more than others, looks for well rounded individuals and doesn't expect us all to be 'cookie cutter' types :)
  8. I second C0untingstars response. I'll add that there is an application and interview for the international rotations. They are NOT guaranteed, but they DO work as hard as possible for students that want to go. The process is not to weed you out- but to make sure that you don't think you are going to be on a beach in Fiji sipping on a cocktail, lol. You also can try to set up your own rotation abroad. So, if there is somewhere you want to go, but that they don't have on the 'list' you can try to make that happen and they are happy to do it. It may leave a door open for future students to go there. Also, it looks like we will be doing a Global Brigades trip this year as well. So, if there are enough people next year you might be able to do that as a kind of mission trip. The location changes I think- this year I want to say it is Panama, but don't quote me. The cost is out of pocket, but you can possibly fundraise.
  9. Thank you for the input. I was thinking about ortho as well for the same reason, but I wonder where I could look for an ortho rotation that didn't focus on surgery but on other modalities of tx? Thoughts on that? Thanks again!
  10. Hi all, I have three electives for rotation year and we are starting to think about doing our "wish lists" now. I am not sure that I want to specialize at all, but think that I'd like to stay in primary care/ rural medicine, perhaps ER but in an underserved community (not trauma focused, but a lot of primary care there too). However, I also want to do rotations that will greatly help me no matter what I choose to do since I am so unsure. With that in mind, what are your thoughts on some of the more generally applicable topics/rotations? Thanks!
  11. Hi all, I am lucky in that my school does a great deal of rotations abroad for interested students. However, I very much wish to do a rotation in Russia. I was a Russian linguist and would love the opportunity to combine my two passions. If anyone knows of a 'place to start' in looking for a location or a contact person I would be very grateful! Feel free to PM me if you prefer!
  12. There are a couple of us that are on the board that are current students at Arcadia. Check the interview announcements and the 'accepted' threads. There have been several questions asked and answered there. But, feel free to message me. I'm a 1st yr student in DE and there is a 2nd yr DE student as well on the board.
  13. HI- there are several apt complexes near that students like. Barrett's Run, Brandywine Woods, Rockwood... also there are some people that choose to live in Wilmington, but I am not as familiar with that area. We have three elective rotations at Arcadia, and there is the option to go abroad and to set up your own rotations, but obviously certain criteria must be met. Overall, they seem really great at being flexible with this. But, a second year student can tell you more than I can ;) Feel free to PM me or c0untingstars, who is a second year and was a huge help to me on this forum when I was at the stage you are at now. Also, the office sends out a list of local apts that students have chosen in the past, and many of them offer discounts to us. So, contacting them might be a good idea. Once your group has a FB page, people will look for roommates, usually starting in the spring.
  14. Congrats you guys! Don't forget that there are a couple of us on here that are students at Arcadia, DE- 1st and 2nd year students! Feel free to message us if you have questions :)
  15. CONGRATS to those of you at the interview day today in DE. It was good to 'meet' you, even if just for a couple of minutes! I hope everyone had a great experience! I don't know about the two per seat- when I interviewed last year there had to have been 25-30 of us in the room. It looked the same today when I stepped in to introduce myself to the interviewees. And there are several interview days- 4 off the top of my head, but possibly more. Regardless, application numbers are going up every year, and so is the difficulty level! You should be proud to have an interview anywhere! Arcadia is good about realizing that the interview is a two way process. YOU are picking as school just like they are picking students. I don't feel anyone else treated me quite that way, and it meant a lot!
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