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Time from the last class to your first job etc?

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Hello all,

I am curious: how much time passed between the last class at school and passing PANCE, PANCE and getting a license, then getting a job?

Did you find yourself looking for a job or being offered one while doing clinicals?

Please share what school you went to and location of you job if do no mind.

What fields are the most competitive? I like Emergency Medicine.

Are you finding that few/many people are using loal repayment through work?

I would like to know the timeframe so I can plan ahead.

Thank you in advance!

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I graduated in august, moved across country, took pance in october (it was only given once/yr then), started work in november on an interim license, and got my passing scores in december.

I was offered jobs as a student but needed to move across country for my wife to attend grad school(it was her turn...:) )

I went to Hahnemann/drexel and moved to california.

em is tough to break into as a new grad if you do not have prior experience in the field.

loan repayment is really only an option in primary care clinics in underserved areas. very few folks do it.

licensing time is highly variable depending on the state and facility. some states take 1 week, others take 6 months.

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Offer before graduation. NPI number before graduation. State license applied for and paid before graduation.


Graduation 11 August

PANCE 21 August

Scores 30 August

License 30 August

DEA 31 August

Start date 17 September


So, I did everything I could to streamline the process, and ended up with 36 days to get it all done, and getting it done in 20.

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Graduated July 14

PANCE August 14

Scores August 23

Interviews from June until the end of October

Penn. license pending -- applied a month ago (Took my sweet time because I didn't know which state I'd end up in)

I'll sign on a dotted line next week


Longer process than I expected. I was hoping for the above scenario (but I was not about to take the PANCE 10 days after graduation! holy cow!). But my city isn't as easy as I thought it'd be. **shakes fist at Pittsburgh** So I'm moving to the other side of the state.


A few of my classmates were offered jobs at their rotation sites.


And I don't think you'll have trouble finding a job in an ED. I've been seeing postings that say they're open to new grads. Study like crazy for your EM rotation, impress someone, and ask them to be a reference.

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Graduation in early August, PANCE in late August, License last week (took 8 weeks!!).


I applied for the job before graduation, had an interview in late August, was offered the job Mid September, cleared by HR in early October, and NOW I can finally start to get credentialed with the hospital since my license is in. I'm hoping to start in January if everything goes according to plan.

Most people I graduated with already started working though!


My job is in EM, in a fast track!

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It really depends where in the country you are. I graduated the end of July, took PANCE 1 week after graduation, got offered a job the day before I took the PANCE, and started 2nd week of October. States like New Jersey typically take 8-12 weeks to license you whereas Pennsylvania licensed me in 5 business day. Besides that, credentialing can be a real hassle. That can take 6-8 weeks, depending on the size of the hospital system, etc. NPI, DEA, CDS all took 1-2 weeks. No big deal.


I had a real desire to work in Emergency Medicine as a new grad but I ran into "we require 2 years EM experience" a lot. Your best bet is to use your elective clinical rotation (assuming you have one) as a way to get your foot in the door of a place youd like to work. I know sometimes they treat a senior PA student as a 6 week interview, basically, and that's a good way to land your first job.


I know a lot of people won't agree with this, but don't make a big deal out of your first job. This isn't like it was a generation ago when you work for a company for 45 years then retire. Our generation, particularly being in health care, have an ever-increasing amount of job mobility. I remember being told in PA school that each of us, on average, will have 7 different jobs before we retire. Don't worry if your first job isn't ideal. Use it to gain experience, begin paying off those loans, and get ready for your next job (hopefully in a field you REALLY want).

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Graduated Aug 25.

Interviewed Sept 5.

Accepted position Sept 6.

PANCE Sept 20.

Received scores Sept 26.

Started job Nov 12.

Licensed Nov. 16. (what took so long was receiving the signed forms from my new employment)

DEA Nov. 26.

Awaiting hospital credentialing.


Went to school in Florida, now in neurology in North Dakota.

I wanted to start job sooner as I am poor but Nov was the soonest they wanted. Good luck :=D:

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