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I went through the hiring process, the first part - then they have just not contacted me - strange as they said I was the only applicant to cover 2 counties


these are home visits where you try to round up as many Dx as possible. The reasoning is that Medicare Advantage plans get paid based on the the number and complexity of the patients - if they have more Dx then they get paid more......


On surface seemed like a good gig - only thing that was really weird - they did not pay for the first 40 miles of travel, and you had to do all your own confirmation and paperwork - I suspect this will take a LOT of time to master -


$$ could be okay, or it might be cruddy if you get no shows and cancels

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I wen through the entire hiring process as a per-diem PA expected to work 3-6 days per week, with minimum of 3 cases per day (= at least 18 cases per week). At least that is what they promised me and expected from me. But all they provided me was 3 cases in the 4 month period. Very unpredictable and unreliable. They are blaming this situation on my "per-diem" status (vs. full-time employee), but once again they set different expectations and I am not the only unhappy employee.

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