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  1. your pocket menu best depends on where you work and what you do. Why carry ophthalmoscope if you scrub for surgeries, or urology pocket guide for sports medicine
  2. I wen through the entire hiring process as a per-diem PA expected to work 3-6 days per week, with minimum of 3 cases per day (= at least 18 cases per week). At least that is what they promised me and expected from me. But all they provided me was 3 cases in the 4 month period. Very unpredictable and unreliable. They are blaming this situation on my "per-diem" status (vs. full-time employee), but once again they set different expectations and I am not the only unhappy employee.
  3. you can find a good way to express yourself about your previous employment, but there is no need to mention your previous job, especially with such a short duration
  4. I have recently began working as a newgrad GI PA. I have bought the Handbook of Gastroenterology by Yamada. I like the topics and the approach of this reference book, but I do not enjoy reading all this information in a paragraph form while on the floor with limited time. I have previously bought the Massachusetts Pocket Medicine, which manages to summarize and congest much more info with bullets and charts. I am planning to buy a comprehensive GI textbook for home reading, but can you please recommend any other pocket sized reference book that resembles the Massachusetts model? thank you
  5. since at this time i cannot afford an AAPA membership to buy the salary report, this info helps. thx for the input. I will negotiate.
  6. thank you. i will try negotiating. Should i insist on tail coverage and DEA?
  7. Hi everyone, would like to know your opinions about an offer i have received as a new grad from an urgent care facility: -part time -$35/hr -malpractice covered (except tail) -forgot to ask about DEA requirement (dont know if i need it there; not sure if is usually covered in a part time position?) I figured to work here until i can find a full time position with benefits. Not sure if I should try to negotiate the hourly wage and for paid tail coverage.
  8. ok got it. my confusion arouse when some jobs are listed as "per-diem" but when you become aware of the scheduling details- the clinic actually provides the scheduled shifts a month ahead with steady 2-3 shifts/week
  9. this question may sound cheap and obvious, but is there a criteria or good definitions for those who post job openings in PA world and use the terms "per-diem" and "part-time"? differences in benefits, hours...? thank you :=D:
  10. thank you for your input. these are the same questions that I ask myself, and since this is my first job that I have not started yet, i do not know if i am capable of performing all of the duties and i am not sure what they may be to the detail.
  11. I am a new graduate who is being offered a per-diem position to conduct complete physical exams on geriatric patients at their homes to confirm existing diagnoses and report any new. Compensation is $80 per assessment, not sure if malpractice insurance is provided, they expect you to provide your own transportation with some compensation. This being my first potential job, I am very nervous about any possible risks/pitfalls? As a new graduate am I being a fool to seek a job with almost no oversight? thx for any advice and comments :)
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