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Registration for SEMPA 360 May, 2024 in New Orleans

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President’s Address to the SEMPA Membership
SEMPA has been hard at work this year, and our productivity has been robust because you deserve the best from your society. I'm writing to you today to inform you of our activity as we move through this year and some exciting news for the future of SEMPA and all EMPAs!

REGISTRATION LINK: https://na.eventscloud.com/781731

Registration is accessible through the email link you will receive and will be available on the SEMPA.ORG website soon.  Please feel free to share the email link with your friends and colleagues. We apologize for the delay. We have been in the process of transferring accounts.  Be assured we are feverishly working through this and it is now accessible. We understand that many of our members would like to use 2023 CME money for the conference, and that you're excited to join us in April in New Orleans. Use it, don’t lose it. We're excited to see you there!
SEMPA leadership is proud to announce the transition to new association management. We welcome the beginning of a new partnership with Lutine Management Associates to take SEMPA onto the next chapter in our growth as an organization. Lutine will fully take the reins starting February 1, 2024. We are excited to welcome Amy Cheatham as our incoming executive director. Amy has a wealth of experience in directing association management with multiple medical organizations. She brings decades of experience and brings a full team of support to help our organization grow into the future. We will be working diligently with her to ensure that a smooth transition comes to fruition. The process of transition has begun and, as any transition process, complications may arise. Should you notice any irregularities or issues with communication please inform us immediately so it may be promptly addressed.   The transition should be complete by February, but changes may continue for up to 6 months. We ask that all of you, as members of SEMPA, be patient with your organization's transition, and welcome our new partners at Lutine as we move through this process.
Next, we want to thank ACEP for their many years of dedicated service to our organization. They were largely responsible for our financial stability and robust growth in the 2010s during which time we made many friends. We continue to work with the ACEP leadership on the complex problems in emergency medicine, and hope to continue to serve on their committees as we progress forward. We also look for their leadership in emergency medicine on how to revitalize the emergency medicine team. We will strive to match the collegiality in the boardroom that we experience in the ED with our physician partners every day.
Moving forward, the work of SEMPA continues.  We are excited to welcome two new board members. Chelsea Dwyer, PA-C from Massachusetts and Paul Amiott, PA-C from Ohio have been elected to begin their terms this April as Directors at Large. Tenell Zahodnik, PA-C will be your President-Elect and Nathaniel Shekem, PA-C your new Vice President, all working with our incoming President Jim Stith PA-C. Our SEMPA committees are working to develop new products for the membership.  We are developing an onboarding plan for EMPAs, have multiple advocacy initiatives, and continue promoting the work of EMSPAs. Our education programs are in process for you to up your game in the ED.  The Procedures Course (Jan 25-26) and the POC Ultrasound Course (Jan 23-24) still have few openings, and are just over four weeks away.  You can register for one, the other, or both at SEMPA.ORG. You still have time to get your registration and planning done. The SEMPA 360 Conference, as mentioned, has open registration accessible by links here https://na.eventscloud.com/781731 and in your email.  It will be available on SEMPA.ORG very shortly.  We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans for an exciting time April 15-19, 2024, where you can obtain the best CME emergency medicine has to offer. After the last conference our committee interest grew substantially.  We welcome and look forward to your increased involvement in SEMPA, the leader for all EMPAs.
As we embark on the holiday season, we know many of you will be working hard right through the holidays. We wish you All the Peace and Joy that the Holiday Season has to offer. We hope you are able to secure some time with your family and friends to celebrate. We especially want to wish you the health of the mind, body, and spirit over the coming year. We look forward to seeing you soon.
If you need anything or have any questions about SEMPA please feel free to contact me.
All the best,

Tom McNally, PA-C
Society of Emergency Medicine PAs
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This is my personal opinion and I'm not speaking on behalf of SEMPA.

I think SEMPA is trying to become a much stronger advocate for EM PA's.  The people I've spoken with believe that there is a variable relationship between the EM PA and the EM physician based on the practice setting and the EM PA's personal capabilities.  This ranges from a new grad PA who needs lots of guidance and supervision to an experienced EM PA who uses the EM physician as a consultant, in the same way they use other specialties as consultants.  The EM physician does not necessarily need to be on-site, just available.  This could be remote, in a similar manner to what we see with stroke neurology for example.  So, barriers that exist in state or federal laws & rules need to be removed and the relationship needs to be defined collaboratively at the site and individual level.

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From the initial post, it looks like SEMPA is being run by a different management group. I wonder if that's part of the problem. I hope the change doesn't affect the annual conference. Say what you will about the politics with ACEP, but it has been an excellent conference in the past. Very well run and outstanding education.

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SEMPA has switched to using a different management organization.  There is still a relationship with ACEP, e.g. SEMPA participates in some ACEP committees.  Part of that transition is website support.  The cutover just took place and the website is actively being updated.

As for the conference, the same SEMPA members and committees that have arranged for speakers, etc. are still doing that.  If you look at the conference workshop and lecture schedule, you can see who's going to be presenting.  It's the usual mix of familiar presenters who have gotten good reviews in the past and some new presenters.  I'll be attending and working at the conference.  It's in a city and site that we've used  before.  I'm expecting a very educational conference.

From what I've found out so far, recordings of the 2021 & 2022 conferences are available online, but no recordings from the 2023 conference, which was managed by the ACEP folks, are available.  The plans are to make recordings of the 2024 conference available through the website.  I've asked about whether CME will be available through purchasing the recordings and don't have an answer yet.  I also don't know if CME was available through the recordings in the past.

As I learn more, I'll share it.

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2 hours ago, JEFTU said:

 I hope the change doesn't affect the annual conference. Say what you will about the politics with ACEP, but it has been an excellent conference in the past. Very well run and outstanding education.

That was more about Fred Wu than acep. he organized the conference for years and did it very well. 

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22 hours ago, EMEDPA said:

That was more about Fred Wu than acep. he organized the conference for years and did it very well. 

Completely agree. I think he's still involved as I saw him in Louisville last year. That guy has done a lot for emergency medicine and PAs. 

However, conference management/logistics, which I'm assuming is the purview of the management company, is a completely different beast. From that perspective, it's been very well run when I've attended SEMPA in the past.

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