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  1. Here we go again. https://www.emergencyphysicians.org/press-releases/2021/8-26-21-poll-adults-consider-247-access-to-the-er-essential-prefer-care-led-by-physicians-in-a-crisis https://www.emergencyphysicians.org/article/access/poll-adults-view-247-access-to-the-er-essential--prefer-care-led-by-physicians-in-a-crisis
  2. No. You're hired and employed by USACS, not the hospital.
  3. Intralipid rescue therapy? Have you consulted your toxicology service?
  4. Surprised that no one has commented about this line from ACEP's statement. If this is truly their campaign, it could be problematic for emergency medicine PAs.
  5. "ACEP is also developing a public relations campaign to help the public understand the difference in education and experience between physicians and non-physician providers. Our new position on the AMA Scope of Practice Partnership gives us access to many data-driven resources, such as the finding that 91 percent of patients said that a physician’s years of education and training are vital to optimal patient care, especially in the event of an emergency. The overall tone of our campaign will not be negative or disparaging of other specialties and instead empower patients that they can and should ask to “see a doctor”—especially in a medical emergency. We will use this campaign to highlight the specialized training of emergency physicians and emphasize the incredible value that EM physicians provide to emergency medicine, the physician-led team and the broader health care system." https://www.acep.org/who-we-are/ACEPLately/acep-lately-blog-articles/may-2021/
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