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Provisional programs

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A big factor for me would be resources. I interviewed at a program with a big name medical school who currently have provisional accreditation because they've only been around for two years. Aside from little data regarding the PANCE pass rate, I felt they had a great program. Provisional accreditation can be alarming at first, but many of the program directors have a long resume of proven success. Additionally, the programs desire to have a solid curriculum in order to compete with the longer established programs. It's a little late in the game for applications for most schools, but a school with provisional accreditation may not be seeing as large a flood of applicants like other programs are this year. If you end up applying during the next CASPA cycle, I would definitely recommend you go check out an information session at the program. That's where you'll really get a feel for how the program is run, and you'll also be able to ask some very pertinent questions with the folks responsible for running the program. With all of that being said, a graduate from a provisional accredited program is still called a PA-C and the big picture is attending a program that will allow you to sit for the PANCE. Best of luck!

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