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  1. I"m so glad someone posted this question. I too have many years of research experience with animals. I also have vet tech experience, which I have found some schools will count. I got certified as a CNA to gain more expereience with people, but have had trouble finding a job! Plus, "Id pretty much have to do it on the side...I cna't imagine working for half of my current salary! It is very tough tryign to do all this and work full time! I just keep hoping it will pay off!
  2. I am contemplating applying to a provisional program as well. I am hoping they might not have as many applicants. Who knows...its worth a shot!
  3. I'm taking one now through Corexel, and you can get credit for it. Itself paced and you have a year to finish.
  4. This would be great news if it comes about!
  5. I am considering applying to a program with provisional accreditation. Just wondering if anyone could provide info on the pros and cons of doing so? Thanks!
  6. These are some interesting insights. Unfortunately, I do not have the option to move. I have deep roots in Maryland...house, farm, family. Moving would be very difficult. So I guess I"ll just have to keep rolling the dice! I need the type of school that looks at an individual too. My undergrad GPA is right at 3.0...however my Masters degree in biotechnology I had a GPA of 3.67....so hopefully they will look at that and see I can handle vigorous upper level work. I am lucky that I'm close enough geographically to apply to most of the schools around Philly as well.
  7. As I am becoming frustrated with th eapplication process this thought crossed my mind. If there are thousands of applicants for each school's 100 or less slots, how come there are not more PA schools out there? I know there are many of us out here who are well qualified to become PA's, yet are having a hard time getting into schools. I am from Maryland and we have 3 PA schools. It just seems like with such great medical institutions in the Baltimore/Washington area, there should be at least two more school choices. Why does University of Maryland or Johns Hopkins not have a PA program? I really feel there needs to be more programs available. Perhaps if I ever get into PA school, I will consider becoming a professor when I finish so there are more teachers available, if a professor shortage is the problem.
  8. Does anyone have any info on the new 3 year program here? It sounds like an interesting alternative.
  9. Just got a letter saying all the interview spots are filled. I am so sad.
  10. I applied and towson is definately my favorite school. My application went in righ ton Sept 1st, so I"m praying I still have a chance . They seemed like the best fit for my background. teh wait is nerve wracking! I did receive the email saying they have my application and it is under review.
  11. I applied on Sept 4th and I haven't heard anything yet, except that my application was received.
  12. when I submitted my CASPA application I noticed there was absolutely no formatting left in my personal statement. I think there might be paragraph breaks, but not much else. It looks awful. I hope schools dont' hold that against me. Spelling and grammar are all correct, so hopefully that is the most important part. Lesson learned...if I have to apply again (which hopefully I won't!) I will use Notepad to write my statement, or type it directly into the text box.
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