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Northern Arizona University Class of 2015!!!

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My "stats" are solid and probably what got me interviews but my HCE is pretty week. Not to say that I don't have any hands on HCE like some of the people I have seen try to apply but compared to almost everyone I have met in interviews with Ks of hours I feel like I got lucky. I don't want to discourage anyone by posting numbers because I think everyone has their strengths and most programs look for some variety. Grades are important and might not get looked past if they are poor but if they are good enough to take a look at what else you have to offer then that may be all it takes. NAU uses their minimum GRE score as a cut off line but say they don't use it to determine who gets in so long as you are above that line. I received comments on my GRE score and that may be part of what got me an interview but I haven't seen an acceptance letter, yet! What NAU does seem to care about is that they want real sincere people who have a desire to help improve health care in ARIZONA and with the UNDERSERVED. Hope this helps, I'm sure that if you want to post your "stats" that there are a few people on the boards that would be happy to encourage or destroy you depending on how they look. Good luck!

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