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  1. Congratulations everyone :) I bet you are all beyond excited and you should be! One word about NAU's program - amazing! I am a first year student..we just started last week and I could not be happier with my choice on this school. Good luck on your interviews this week...we will see you all there. And my word of advice is to try and relax...it really is the best thing you can do. When you come to campus take it all in..enjoy the campus, facilities, faculty and each other. :)) hopefully some of you will be in the class of 2016!
  2. :D that's awesome jbcm. I will keep you posted if I hear any updates :)
  3. jbcm - I know one person has gotten off the alternate list and another person from our class just withdrew to attend another program so another alternate should be moving off the list :)
  4. What do you all think of a small (25) vs a large (90) class size? pros vs cons?
  5. Hmm that is interesting. I'm not sure how many are on it. They have been great at communication, maybe if you email them they would be able to tell you how many are on it.
  6. Arogers they tell you in the letter what place you are on the alternate list.
  7. Yes I got an alternate list letter in the mail last week jbcm.
  8. Hi Sarah - I haven't started yet, I start in June, but I had to apply twice before getting accepted. Just push through it and know that if this is what you really truly want to do, pour your heart into it, work at it in every way you can and you will get in!!
  9. Try making pro/con lists...the decision may be easier to make when you see it in black and white :) Congratulations!
  10. Congrats hhn!! :) Looking forward to meeting you - come join us on the Facebook page if you would like.
  11. kopczh55 - I was a reapplicant and was accepted into the 2013 class this year. So there is hope! :) I took some additional courses in a&p and micro, continued to volunteer, shadowed more PAs, completely re-wrote my personal statement and briefly addressed what I had done since applying last cycle. I also prepared for the interview in an entirely different way. My recommendation would just be to stay immersed in the profession as much as you can and if it is what you truly want to do try try again and you will get in when you are supposed to.
  12. Congrats blonde!! Join us on Facebook :) Congrats hhn - let us know how it goes!
  13. You're very welcome! Anything I can help with let me know :)
  14. Stay positive girls! From what I hear they pull from it every year :)
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