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  1. Has anyone got an interview invitation yet, or is it too soon?
  2. I sent in my CASPA but have not heard from the school. I called a few times but get their answering machine. Has anyone else heard anything?
  3. I applied to University of Utah PA program. I received a secondary and returned it. I wanted to start this thread because it appears that there is currently one. Anyone who is also applying this year please add some input. Thanks.
  4. I don't understand why this topic hasn't already been started. what's the news so far?
  5. I am going to give my input. I interviewed on Dec. 17th, I have not heard back from the Loma Linda for an acceptance or a rejection.
  6. I just got a call today for interview on Dec 17th. Let me know if anyone else did too.
  7. Where the rejection letters sen via email or post mail? I still have not received any news regarding an interview, but I remain hopeful.
  8. I applied too, but i hear crickets in email and phone arena, no interview has been extended to me yet.
  9. Are there any new updates? I haven't heard if anyone else has received interviews or acceptances for awhile now. I am still waiting to hear about an interview, unfortunately I applied late this year.
  10. I called yesterday and I moved up two spots on the alternate list! If anyone else keeps track please post so we all can know. Thx for the reply fdamico.
  11. Does anyone know if they have moved up on the alternate list?
  12. Has anyone received acceptance to the alternate list?
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