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Possible 2nd year applicant... in need of personal statement guidance

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Hi everyone!

My name is Nicole Rodriguez, and I am a graduate from Florida International University double major in Biology and Natural & Applied Sciences. I applied to about 10 PA schools this cycle of 2022-2023 and currently heard back from 3 (which I got rejected) and still awaiting to hear back from the rest. I feel pretty lost and discouraged so, it makes me wonder if PA school is really for me. The way things have changed for me from the moment I was preparing myself for applications, feeling confident to now feeling absolutely hopeless... This waiting game has been brutal and has made me feel like an imposter. I am still holding onto the little hope I have left in me, but if I do not get accepted this cycle, I would like to change my whole perspective on everything. I am still working as a medical assistant so; I will have accumulated about 4000 hours.  I would like to have some guidance on my personal statement as I want to change it completely, but do not know how to. I would appreciate any advice! I may be reached out via email Nicole.rodriguez3860@icloud.com


Thank you for your time and happy holidays!

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15 hours ago, Naecolex3 said:

Before, I applied out of state and never got invited for an interview. My cum GPA was a 3.7 and science was a 3.5. 

If you applied to 10 schools with those averages and had taken all of the prerequisites then, yes, your essay might be part of the problem. I would also wonder about your letters of recommendation.

I'd be happy to take a look at your old essay and send back any thoughts I might have.  But don't forget to think about the letters of recommendation. Like how well did the people know you and what kind of letters might they have written.

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