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What loans you all applying for ?

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@snaeem As an independent fully funding program attendance through loans, I plan to max out the graduate federal unsubsidized loan ($20,500, 7.05% interest rate this year) followed by the graduate PLUS loan (covers the rest up to school's posted cost of attendance, 8.05% interest rate this year). Both are federal loans that qualify for loan forgiveness through PSLF or SAVE.




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Student loans are evil.  They are a pernecious drain on your future earnings, lifestyle, joy, happiness, and wealth building.

If you don't HAVE to have them, then don't.  Go to the cheaper program.  Take the gap year to work to pay off undergrad loans.

If you HAVE to have them, take out the minimal amount you need, and put it in the FRONT of your mind that debt is the FIRST THING you have to kill when you are making big boy/girl (or whatever, because there are apparently 72 other genders now) money.  No buying a new car.  No buying a new house.  No nothing.....KILL THE DEBT.

Then you can build wealth, which makes you better at practicing medicine.

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Agree with the above: go to the cheapest school you can that will provide a good education and job opportunities, take out the bare minimum to survive on (get a roommate, cook inexpensive meals, carpool, etc), and then pay off your loans STAT. Don't let your life become victim to your debt choices aka lifestyle creep. (The only good debt out there is no debt.)

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