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Physician-Extender - A Better Name?

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After hearing some debate on the whole name change situation, it got me thinking; maybe a name like Physician-Extender would be more approachable (I guess it would be PE-C then). My reasons are as follows:


(1)- It describes what PAs do. We extend the services of our SPs, and our scope of practice is dependent on the scope of practice of our SP. Please correct me if I'm wrong here, although this seems to define the majority of PAs out there.


(2)- It would be more "assuring" to our physician counterparts since the name doesn't establish an equivalency among PAs & MDs, although differentiates the two professions as two separate roles and thus isn't threatening.


(3)- Thus, it would be more welcome to consideration and more likely to actually happen.


(4)- It would reassure PA's patients that they aren't being treated by an "assistant", but rather someone who is trained to do what they do (Since PAs are!)


(5)- It would end the days in which PAs are mistaken for MAs.


I think I saw someone on some site (could be here) make a post suggesting this name (I didn't come up with it), although I was just wondering why it wasn't given more consideration as it seems to relatively work out for all parties involved. The only disadvantage is that it would take away the "PA" name, and would make it "PE", which I believe is a relatively small price to pay to actually get a name that describes what we do. Any opinions here? I'm just throwing it out there...

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PE is already Professional Engineer. Aside from the name confusion with a well-established profession, there's also the issue that NPs are also physician extenders.


I never realized that, I guess that changes it quite a bit, as it could possibly fuel even more confusion. Although not ideal, IMO, it is still one of the better "alternatives" out there

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