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Need advice on my stats for current cycle please!

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Applying this cycle, do I have a chance with my stats?

Hey all, I’m sorry if this isn’t allowed here but I couldn’t find a spot to put it. I’m looking for advice on how my application is looking. I didn’t have an advisor for PA school in college so I’m really doing it all on my own. Any advice would be appreciated! I originally wasn’t going to take the GRE but now I feel like I need to but I still have studying to do! Is there enough time to study and take it and still get my application in in an okay time period? Also, I’m a little confused on the opening date of applications.. does this mean I have to wait to request LORs, my transcripts, etc until CASPA opens? When’s the soonest people submit their application?

Undergrad major: Biology (Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Bio)

CASPA cGPA: 3.26

CASPA sGPA: 3.24

Last 45 semester credits cGPA: 3.77

GRE: Haven’t taken yet, still studying

LORs: MD, PA, Science Professor, also could include office manager where I medical assisted

Age: 24

HCE: CNA (780 hrs), Medical Assistant in Occupational Med and Urgent Care (roughly 4,500), Medical Assistant at COVID Vaccine clinic as well as Pediatrics (current full time position since January 2021 and will stay in this job until PA school)

Shadowing: Still looking for PAs to shadow although I worked almost solely with PAs for bulk of my HCE

Volunteer hours: 40 hrs as a Girls on the Run Coach (I feel like I need more so I’m looking for more to do now before applying)

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Hello! Texas applicant here who was accepted to 8 schools this current cycle. There are quite a few threads discussing this so take a look through the Pre-PA Discussions and search for the key words (timeline, GRE, upcoming cycle, etc.)


With that said here is my advice. Definitely take the GRE! It all depends on which state or states you're applying but make sure you get at least a 300 on the GRE bc tbh it does not matter that much but because your GPA's are lower than the average, it can help boost that from an adcomm perspective. Don't wait until April 29th to get it all together, start getting your LOR now and make sure you have at least 3 for sure. Letters are huge bc you need someone who can speak to your work ethic and character, this is why I chose not to have a professor letter because I didn't feel like they could really paint a clear picture since I graduated two years ago. The GRE scores took forever to get back so make sure you have your date set and give yourself plenty of time to meet the deadlines for each school. Every school website will have the requirements listed under admissions and their timeline. It's better to apply as early as possible IF you are ready. You can submit your application and make updates to your PCE's, just make sure you put the date of your GRE on CASPA so the schools know what they're waiting for. MAKE SURE YOU SEND THE GRE SCORES THROUGH ETS USING THE CORRECT CODE. This is important because CASPA will not send it for you, make sure you follow up with the schools to make sure they received your score. I requested the transcripts the day it opened and it was the first thing I did because I was unsure on how long it would take. I ended up submitting two days after CASPA opened and the waiting game started. Feel free to reach out and PM me if you have questions or need advice, we are all here to help!

Best of luck

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