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  1. Just gave up my seat! Hope someone hears something about an acceptance today
  2. I am withdrawing my acceptance! Hope this opens up a spot for someone soon, best of luck y'all
  3. Hello! Texas applicant here who was accepted to 8 schools this current cycle. There are quite a few threads discussing this so take a look through the Pre-PA Discussions and search for the key words (timeline, GRE, upcoming cycle, etc.) With that said here is my advice. Definitely take the GRE! It all depends on which state or states you're applying but make sure you get at least a 300 on the GRE bc tbh it does not matter that much but because your GPA's are lower than the average, it can help boost that from an adcomm perspective. Don't wait until April 29th to get it all together
  4. The 2/15 interview was postponed for 2/22 due to the recent ice apocalypse
  5. SAME, I've been accepted to other Texas schools but UTSW is the dream school (obviously) and I am putting off deposits until I know for sure. I thought we were supposed to hear by this Friday but who knows
  6. Just got the acceptance call for the Laredo campus! Interviewed 1/26
  7. Congrats!! When did you get the waitlist email?
  8. I received an email x1 week ago to interview on 1/21, I am Texas resident and have been accepted to multiple schools here so regretfully I declined. To those waiting, keep your head up and hope for the best, y'all got this!
  9. Hello, thanks for sharing your post! I feel as if I can shed some light to your situation, just know that "your chances" depend on more than one factor. So take everything I say with a grain of salt. 1.) You have a GREAT upward trend in GPA, now that your GPA is over a 3.0 it will allow you to pass the 3.0 requirement from mostly all accredited schools. However, be prepared to discuss this in your interviews and use this weakness as a strength on your application because they will focus on this is you get asked to interview. So really sit down and prepare for that. 2.) Your experien
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