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  1. Don't worry, timing is different for everyone! Sometimes the right direction is way more important than speed.
  2. Congrats to everyone who got the first round of interviews, y'all will do great!
  3. Nope! Still waiting, I keep refreshing my email constantly. I received the "under review and received Casper" email on 6/18.
  4. Hey guys! Just received a call from someone in the admission office who informed me that my application is complete and it moving onto the next phase of review. I saw the FL number come in and I answered it quickly because I was excited! I'm a first time application and for other schools I have applied to I was just emailed in regards to my application status moving forward, I am curious as to why NOVA called?! My heart was racing when they started talking about my app
  5. This is a great idea!! I have a Zoom interview with AT Still in a month and I was wanting to get some practice in.
  6. I agree with @KhaliaB, this is most definitely an important question. And considering recent events i think some self reflection might be needed on this topic! Being able to understand diversity correlates to understanding different patients in the future. From your question above I think that you have experienced only one side of diversity and maybe try to place yourself in different situations like the one Khalia mentioned because it might help and give some clarify on the confusion.
  7. I submitted 7/1, verified 7/3 and received the portal email 7/17
  8. got that 3 days ago as well! super stoked things are moving!
  9. This is the right answer! I called a while back when apps opened bc I took my GRE early June and she said that they would not review until it's fully complete
  10. I submitted CASPA and the next day got the secondary.. its weird how all these timelines are different. Have you tried calling to see if they have everything needed to send the supplemental?
  11. Just got an interview invite yesterday!! first interview and first time applicant, super stoked! interview is set for 10/12
  12. Mine has the red X next to it as well but it says that I have completed the questionnaire..
  13. Submitted 5/15 and verified 5/18! I received a request to fill out the Residency Form from UTSW on 5/19. Now just waiting!
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