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Physician Assistant vs Med school

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Hey guys! I know a lot of people fluctuate and are unsure if they should pursue becoming a Physician Assistant or a MD/DO. I think there's a few factors to consider if you want to decide what to become.

Those are:

1. Time (in school... PA = 6 years, MD = 11-15 years)
2. Debt (PA = $100-112k, MD = $250-300k+)
3. Cost (PA= $100k, MD = $200-300k)
4. MCAT vs GRE (PA = GRE or PA-CAT, MD = MCAT)

These are some things to consider. I address each of these in more detail and how I weighed my decision personally in my new video here (I would greatly appreciate if you checked it out!):


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I feel you on the factors here, but I think you kinda left out Passion and Scope. The basics (money, time, etc) might not be well-received here because many of us like myself have known from the start that PA was our passion and the direction we wanted to go. I‘ve never considered MD/DO, I knew that my heart was in becoming a PA and that’s the only thing that I’ve been working toward  

Just some alternative feedback. I appreciate your post regardless. 

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I agree!

However, this post/video was about PA vs MD school, not the professions themselves. I haven't seriously considered MD/DO either, partly because of the reasons I outlined here (the schooling itself), but also the reasons I talk about in the video (serving in underserved communities, working in EMed, etc.), which, MD's can do as well, of course.

Appreciate the reply and feedback.

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