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  1. I use this one: https://www.thepaplatform.com/pa-school-gpa-calculator
  2. I met a PA on Instagram who reviewed my essay for me, it was super helpful. Her IG is @rodelinejoseph_ you could see if she'd be able to help out! I wouldn't mind taking a quick look at it, but keep in mind I'm only a Pre-PA.
  3. Thanks! And no, I don't consider it spam as my last post regarding a YouTube video was over 2 weeks ago. I don't make a dime from YouTube, only got around 60 subscribers right now haha, just trying to start a discussion here and get my small channel out to more Pre-PAs. I haven't seen any rules against posting personal YouTube links on here, but if there is I'd gladly avoid doing so. So if you have a personal issue with it, I would recommend ignoring my posts, or of course, feel free to continue engaging with my posts. Thanks for the feedback! Hope PA school is going well for ya
  4. Personally, I'm gaining my patient-care hours from working as a Physical Therapist Assistant, but other great options are: EMT, CNA/CMA, RA, ER tech, Scribe, etc. I've also considered being a scribe, ER tech, pharm tech, and EMT. I made a short video discussing my picks for the "Top 5 PCE jobs for Pre-PAs / PA school. Let me know if I missed any. What are you guys doing to gain PCE hours? Any ideas/suggestions/feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hey everyone! Made a short video on YouTube about how I studied and prepared for the GRE exam. I took mine back in August and scored a 307, not super competitive, but competitive for my school and much better than I expected. When I first took a practice exam, I got around a 286 (my math knowledge was basically 0). I used Kaplan materials, "GRE prep plus" book, flashcards, practice exams from ETS/Kaplan, and flashcard apps. I got into more detail with my video here (I would really appreciate some feedback!)
  6. I agree! However, this post/video was about PA vs MD school, not the professions themselves. I haven't seriously considered MD/DO either, partly because of the reasons I outlined here (the schooling itself), but also the reasons I talk about in the video (serving in underserved communities, working in EMed, etc.), which, MD's can do as well, of course. Appreciate the reply and feedback.
  7. Hey guys! I know a lot of people fluctuate and are unsure if they should pursue becoming a Physician Assistant or a MD/DO. I think there's a few factors to consider if you want to decide what to become. Those are: 1. Time (in school... PA = 6 years, MD = 11-15 years) 2. Debt (PA = $100-112k, MD = $250-300k+) 3. Cost (PA= $100k, MD = $200-300k) 4. MCAT vs GRE (PA = GRE or PA-CAT, MD = MCAT) These are some things to consider. I address each of these in more detail and how I weighed my decision personally in my new video here (I would greatly appreciate if you checked it out!
  8. Does anyone know exactly when it opens and closes? If it closes in May I don't know when I would apply as I wouldn't find be accepted to PA school until September - December. Unless I would just apply a few months after acceptance.
  9. I believe some schools require a completed bachelors degree. Imagine if they accepted you, and you don't complete your bachelors for whatever reason, they'd be in a pretty rough place. Just trying to look at it from the admissions perspective. Definitely talk about being a non-traditional applicant in your PS if you haven't already, that's what sets you apart (as well as your Navy experience, particularly if you were a corps man)! Good luck man, go a second round and get in PA school! In my opinion, reapplicants stand out as it shows devotion to the profession. I would think that stands o
  10. Did you have any current PA review/edit your application? You should also have family members and any professors you may be in contact with look over it!
  11. This is my personal opinion from what I've heard (I'm only Pre-PA, but figured I'd give my two cents as I've been looking into this a lot recently!) ... I wouldn't talk about time methodically, like "here's what I did the 1st time" , "now the second time I did this", or something along these lines. You want to focus on the flow, so I would talk in chronological order, but discuss things in general as far as experiences go that prove why you'd make a good PA, and what inspired you do pursue a career as a PA. Discuss any weak points that may have been present in your last application, and discus
  12. My planned route right now would be experience in family medicine/emergency medicine immediately post-grad (1-2 years experience - staying in contact with AMEDD recruiter), then apply for NG and gain some military medicine experience (and focus on my fitness, leadership and practitioner skills - be in contact with SF recruiter). Then, hopefully apply for a SF position. I know it's not an easy path, I also know I'm incredibly naïve right now as a Pre-PA, but I'm willing to turn it into a long-term goal and work for it. Thanks for the information, greatly appreciate it!
  13. Sure man, will keep updated with your content. Check out my newest videos if you don't mind, and leave a comment of what you think. Would greatly appreciate feedback from a PA!
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