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  1. I'll be interviewing for PA school sometime around September and was wondering if any PrePAs, PA-S, or PA-Cs have any good resource recommendations to share? Whether it's books, sites, or mock interview services. Currently I'm using "Physician Assistant School Interview Guide" By Savannah Perry PA-C, "The Ultimate Guide to Getting Into PA School" by Andrew J. Rodican, PA-C (My Favorite), and "So you want to be a physician?" by Edward M. Goldberg. I'm mostly preparing by just reviewing potential Q's and getting use to thinking of experiences on my toes. Anyone else have any recommendations for preparing? Here's a YouTube video I made about preparing for my PA school interview and what I'm doing currently to get ready: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpSKIt-LR48
  2. Here's a list of organizations I've shadowed with: https://prepaforum.wixsite.com/forum/forum/shadowing/online-shadowing-list Type them into Google to find their site - they normally do a few sessions a month for free, you just sign up for the Zoom.
  3. Appreciate that. I've actually been referencing the same document and haven't noticed that part. The document is a few years old, but I assume even if prior 18 series isn't required, it's highly preferred. I will get into contact with an AMEDD recruiter when I'm ready to join, thanks for the reply.
  4. I never really thought of this or have heard of this (part-time programs), really interesting. I guess the downside is the extra time of course, which is made up for anyway with not worrying about paying off debt years after graduating. Thank you for the tip, really appreciate it.
  5. Hey guys, so I'm currently in my undergraduate year (senior soon), and applying to PA school next month. Currently debt-free as an undergraduate from going to community college, becoming a PTA and working during college. I've stayed debt-free by cutting my expenses (budgeting), applying for scholarships constantly (1/week - at least I try ), and keeping my grades up (academic scholarships). I plan to graduate PA school debt-free through similar scholarships (NHSC, PA Foundation, Catalyst), but of course, all depends on actually receiving the scholarships or not. Do any PA/PA students have any tips/advice on how they got through PA school if they graduated without or low debt, or know someone who did it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My YouTube video with my experiencing going through undergraduate debt-free and how I plan to go through PA school debt-free is on my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYwrlY9xzcLxTfkqDr1SYIQ
  6. Looking to get into emergency medicine as a PA but get lightheaded while watching surgeries/in OR (believing it's all vasovagal for me, I always try to stay hydrated and eat before hand), does anyone know of any sites/resources that have emergency medicine/trauma surgery procedure videos for exposure? I've been watching a lot on YouTube, but can't find very graphic videos on there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated (Medically related only)!
  7. I use this one: https://www.thepaplatform.com/pa-school-gpa-calculator
  8. I met a PA on Instagram who reviewed my essay for me, it was super helpful. Her IG is @rodelinejoseph_ you could see if she'd be able to help out! I wouldn't mind taking a quick look at it, but keep in mind I'm only a Pre-PA.
  9. Thanks! And no, I don't consider it spam as my last post regarding a YouTube video was over 2 weeks ago. I don't make a dime from YouTube, only got around 60 subscribers right now haha, just trying to start a discussion here and get my small channel out to more Pre-PAs. I haven't seen any rules against posting personal YouTube links on here, but if there is I'd gladly avoid doing so. So if you have a personal issue with it, I would recommend ignoring my posts, or of course, feel free to continue engaging with my posts. Thanks for the feedback! Hope PA school is going well for ya.
  10. Personally, I'm gaining my patient-care hours from working as a Physical Therapist Assistant, but other great options are: EMT, CNA/CMA, RA, ER tech, Scribe, etc. I've also considered being a scribe, ER tech, pharm tech, and EMT. I made a short video discussing my picks for the "Top 5 PCE jobs for Pre-PAs / PA school. Let me know if I missed any. What are you guys doing to gain PCE hours? Any ideas/suggestions/feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Hey everyone! Made a short video on YouTube about how I studied and prepared for the GRE exam. I took mine back in August and scored a 307, not super competitive, but competitive for my school and much better than I expected. When I first took a practice exam, I got around a 286 (my math knowledge was basically 0). I used Kaplan materials, "GRE prep plus" book, flashcards, practice exams from ETS/Kaplan, and flashcard apps. I got into more detail with my video here (I would really appreciate some feedback!)
  12. I agree! However, this post/video was about PA vs MD school, not the professions themselves. I haven't seriously considered MD/DO either, partly because of the reasons I outlined here (the schooling itself), but also the reasons I talk about in the video (serving in underserved communities, working in EMed, etc.), which, MD's can do as well, of course. Appreciate the reply and feedback.
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