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Collaborative Agreement for DEA?

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I am a new grad on the job hunt. Do I apply for my DEA before I land a job, or is that something I need a SP agreement for? The DEA website says that "some states require a supervisory agreement with specific authority for controlled substances", but i'm having a hard time finding out if that is the case here. Thank you.

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I believe I was able to get my DEA license a month or two before I was hired anywhere back in 2015. It does help with job applications to have it on your resume. In California, you'll also need to take the controlled substance class (I didn't need the class to get the DEA license, though). Looks like CAPA is hosting the class on the 30th: https://www.capanet.org/cme-opportunities/controlled-substances-education-courses-3/

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On 1/24/2021 at 9:27 AM, GetMeOuttaThisMess said:

It may be dependent upon the state, and as I recall here in Texas, you first have to have the authorization from your SP on your state prescribing privileges before you can even apply.  I also seem to recall that the DEA app asks for your practice location.

Yeah, exactly.


It's a real chicken/egg crappy deal for new grads.  In the old days in Texas, you just applied for it.  Today however, you are not even suppose to keep your DEA if you don't have an active practice address i.e. a job.  I got that STRAIGHT from a Dallas DEA agent who called me to find out why my DEA license was at my home address.  I said because I am between jobs and she emphatically said that I had to give up my DEA license if I did not have an active job.  100% true story and this was in Feb of 2020.

 But as mentioned, it is state specific.

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