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Ramification of Direct Billing

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so on the drive home today was thinking


The ability to direct bill just drastically changed the landscape for practice ownership - there is no need to assign your benefits to anyone or any corp - it can be just under your SSN/UPIN

This might seem trival but I think it is not.

For instance, how many PA support a LTC facility - and their employeer takes 50-70% of their generated revenue

If we can direct bill that makes it a lot easier to have out own practice, with out having to have a corp and another owner (99% max ownership of corp for medicare regs)

So we can all of a sudden (1/1/22) direct bill and could have out own companies with much less struggle

There are only a few things left that we can not do

1- certify hospice

2-provide hospice monthly f2f

3-order DM shoes - but podiatry can do this

BUT we can

Certify and order VNA, provide hospice care, sign death certs (in my state) and direct bill - all with in the past few years....


I am down on the work place right now cause I am burned out with two young kids, and 9 months of covid, but overall I really wonder if we are not making huge steps in the right direction - now if we can get the 3 things above addressed and 100% reimbursement cause running a business still costs the same, we might be on the right path


remove the SP from the equation totally and we might have a prayer....

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