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PA Military Spouse working Overseas

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Hi everyone,

I'm a second year PA student and will be graduating next summer and taking the PANCE in September 2021. My partner is in the Marine Corps and might be stationed overseas beginning next fall, in either Germany or Japan. I know that this will be particularly difficult as a new grad, but I was wondering if anyone has experience or knows of anyone with experience working overseas as a PA military spouse, either on base at the military installment or off base. I would really appreciate any information/insight that anyone has! Thanks 🙂 

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I haven't checked recently but the department of defense used to hire contract civilian PAs for bases in Germany, as I looked into it for myself. However, that was 15 years ago. Outside of our own Department of Defense, it would be challenging finding a PA job unless it is in the UK or possibly The Netherlands. 

I just looked here, and they had no overseas civilian jobs for PAs listed.

I did find this job listing.

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