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Residency considering current PA/NP trend

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Hello all,

I have been reading into PA residencies lately, and while they seem very beneficial to the student, I also recognize the limitations that the specialization seems to impose. Out of school I am considering pursuing one, but I was wondering if others may weigh in, either on their own experiences or plans, especially in light of the desire for NPs over PAs. Overall, does a residency seem helpful or hurtful in this environment, and are there specialties that PAs should lean towards to improve future job opportunities? 

Thank you in advance

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Every specialty benefits from residency. Some may say primary care doesn’t need a residency, but I disagree. Lots of benefits to a good family medicine residency (though I only know of one) with higher skill and procedural knowledge that benefits you and the employer financially. Certainly specialties dealing with the critically ill provide the most benefit as you get to learn in a supportive environment where teaching is the primary purpose, not moving the meat and making money. 

The caveat is it must be good residency. There are many residencies that are cheap labor with no learning. There must be weekly didatics protected from clinical work, off service rotations, procedure training, etc. 

as far as benefits, they are huge. More job offers higher salary, more confidence in your abilities. 

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I don’t know that doing a residency limits one into a specialty any more than working in a specialty for a couple years. I can give myself as an example. I’ve been doing critical care for a couple years after completing my residency, and applied for several prn jobs recently. I got a call back from most of them: trauma (which I ultimately accepted), surgery, hospital medicine, outpatient GI. I don’t think I would have any difficulty transitioning specialties. 

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