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  1. Thank you all for weighing in! We're figuring out what our next steps are, but all that you mentioned will be taken into consideration. Much appreciated!
  2. Hello everyone, I am looking for some insight (please move if this is the wrong place to post). I am currently a pre-PA, beginning physician assistant school in June at my dream school. My husband is an attorney, he's a very intelligent man but extremely unhappy in his career. He originally wanted to become a doctor but did not do well in chemistry in undergrad so he convinced himself that he was not smart enough for medicine, which is absolutely untrue. I know that he loves medicine and reads about it often, but he feels very stuck as a lawyer. I myself am in love with the PA profession and a
  3. Hello all, I have been reading into PA residencies lately, and while they seem very beneficial to the student, I also recognize the limitations that the specialization seems to impose. Out of school I am considering pursuing one, but I was wondering if others may weigh in, either on their own experiences or plans, especially in light of the desire for NPs over PAs. Overall, does a residency seem helpful or hurtful in this environment, and are there specialties that PAs should lean towards to improve future job opportunities? Thank you in advance
  4. Hi Brad, I would echo what Launa stated above. While your reasoning for choosing one school over another is certainly personal, some of the reasons why I chose Stony Brook and that you may also consider (I was accepted this cycle) was cost, reputation, location and program status/rigor. It is both affordable and prestigious, and is in a place where I am able to move to relatively easily in my current situation. I also love the design and length of the program - while it seems challenging, it also seems like quality education with a connected, caring faculty. I believe that Stony Brook off
  5. I was able to officially confirm my acceptance about an hour ago! So so excited and blessed to be a part of next year's class! If anyone also attending wants to link up on social media just send me a message - can't wait to meet all you amazing people!
  6. I also got the same error message trying to confirm but I'm sure they are working on it.
  7. Thank you everyone for all of your advice. I will look into all suggestions - they're much appreciated!
  8. Hello all! I was recently accepted to my dream PA school. I know that some schools have required technology for note-taking in class, but mine does not and I am seeking recommendations/what you use to take notes in class. I've always been a handwritten notes kind of girl, but with the volume of material taught in PA school I think that being able to type and write on my screen would be useful. Any suggestions are appreciated
  9. I will soon be giving up my seat at Marist as I was just accepted to my top choice program! I hope this opens a spot for one of you excellent candidates! Best of luck to all already accepted, those interviewing and awaiting responses - we will all become amazing PAs!
  10. Yes I did, right on 9/16. Check your spam folder if you did not receive one, I got it several days prior to my acceptance call!
  11. Just got my acceptance call today to the HSC! So so excited to meet you all as SB is my top choice! Congrats to all who already have been accepted, those who have interviewed and are waiting and to all who will interview! You'll all do great!
  12. Not me, though I'm really holding out hope for a call in the coming days!
  13. It seems like the orientation will take place at 9 AM EST as they are located in NY, followed by a 30 min personal interview with a time they email you, I got mine today. Then at 4 pm it appears there is a q&a with SB second years. Hope that helps!
  14. My app was submitted on 5/21. I turned down my interview invite due to the time clashing with another interview same day. I hope they offer the invite to another one of you talented people!
  15. I received an interview invite for 9/14 as well!
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