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New PA School in California-West Coast University

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West Coast University seeking for program director for new PA program.




So Is this a sign PA school saturation?

As far as I know West Coast University is a for profit college and it charge alot of $$$


Just look at this BSN program

$126,000 for tuition only! are you kidding me? I should open a school!



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I'm very aware of this school. It's actually $132k for a direct entry 3 year BSN. Last I heard a month ago was that they were having accreditation problems for their BSN. From my understanding it is because their origional accreditation was for aeronotics and not for health education although they recently just got WASC accredited. So I'm not sure if that is accurate but wanted to throw it out there.


However I know a good number of nurses who graduated from there and are practicing as nurses. Their only requirement for their BSN was to pass the HESI exam which is a complete joke of a test in my opinion. It is a nice modern facility (in the IE) but the school is VERY for profit and I put them in the same category as American Career College which I believe is a sister program in terms of student satisfaction. I also recall their clinical sites for their BSN were pretty sub par. Their NCLEX pass rate is also in the 70%-83% range.

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Are they fully accredited? I'm reticent about their quality. A friend of mine is in that 126k BSN program....


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Don't know, I hope not. Next thing you know, there will be a University of Phoenix PA program


They are also opening a new pharmacy school at the same location



Pharmacists in so-cal are facing saturation like crazy already.

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