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  1. Clinical Practitioner, Clinical Associate all sound good. The patient may take some time to think about what you do. I am also all about getting rid of the word physician in our title since we are not physician. I still like the words "Medical Care" because it will certainly register faster in patient's brain. They will know you provide medical care at some capacity. I also suggest "Medical Care Clinician" and we can use Clinician for short.
  2. Go out to meet real people. You can get some good information on the forum but also a lot of distorted, anecdotal information. I mean do you make important life decisions just by reading the social medial? what you see on TV? I hope not. I know there are doctors be hated, nurses as well. It all depends. No one is going to hate you just because you are a PA. I been a PA for 10 years and I enjoy it. Is it always sunshine and rainbow? of course not. You will not find a job like that. Again, my advice is to go out and meet real people. People get nasty behind the keyboards for some reason lol.
  3. There are 3 things patient think I am with the name Physician Assistant: 1. An assistant 2. Resident 3. A physician. I personally never heard anybody refer MA to Medical Practitioner. The WPP already had examined alternative titles to determine any trademark, regulatory, or other conflict between Aug to Oct 2019. They also had legal counsel to identified conflicts with the potential titles during October to Dec 2019. "Medical Care Practitioner" was one of the 4 title that survived. https://www.aapa.org/title-change-investigation/process/timeline/ I really don't know how you can be mistaken for a Nurse Practitioner, when your badges says Medical Care Practitioner, unless the patient can't read. They don't even sound anything alike. In my opinion, Medical Care Practitioner is the best one we have so far. I disagree we need a name that "packs a punch." We need a name that a 6 years old can understand what we do, which is to provide medical care. No one will question your credential to provide medical care when your badge says "Medical Care Practitioner." Regarding being wordy, I am just going to introduced myself as "Medical Practitioner." I doubt I will be accused for misrepresenting myself. Medical Care Practitioner also fits well with the Doctor of Medical Science degree. Please take a look at WPP's frame work on selecting a professional title. https://www.aapa.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/TCI-BRANDING-ONESHEET.pdf A title should 1. Say one thing clearly 2. Be highly usable 3. Set the stage to tell your broader history. Other criteria they used, that I agree the most are: 1. Use natural, human language; not cold or impersonal 2. Easy to use and understand or explain 3.Clear and specific to project accurate definition of the profession 4.Broad and flexible 5.Support autonomous role as a respected peer to physicians, avoiding subordinate terms 6. Convey professional stature 7.Appropriate for use today and future-proof for tomorrow I truly believe Medical Care Practitioner fits all the criteria above. Until a better title comes through, Medical Care Practitioner has my vote. TCI-BRANDING-ONESHEET.pdf
  4. The word physician is misleading. We are not physicians. That "halo" is misleading. We misinformed the pt. Medical Care Practitioner tells it all. Plain and simple. What more explanation do you need really? This is AAPA’s definition of PA “ PAs are medical professionals who diagnose illness, develop and manage treatment plans, prescribe medications, and often serve as a patient’s principal healthcare provider. With thousands of hours of medical training, PAs are versatile and collaborative.” This definition just doesn’t correspond with Physician Associate (or someone will call it Physician’s associate). How can you be a patient's principle healthcare provider as an assistant or someone's associate? Very confusing. Replace the "PA" with Medical Care Practitioner above, it fits perfectly. Physician Associate is basically a physician's assistant. Let's not kid ourselves. Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Nurse Practitioner eventually changed their name to Medical Care Practitioner down the road.
  5. I have been questioned about my scope of practice to suture a laceration because I am an assistant. Pt’s family was wondering why the physician was not doing the job and they were not even rude. I don't blame them. They were just curious. Perception matters. I am sure many others on this forum have their own stories to tell. You are selling yourself short. Just because someone can do a procedure faster than you, doesn’t make you their assistant. I am sure you can do a central line faster than the hospitalist. I am sure you can intubate better than any hospitalist, IM docs, family docs. I am sure you can run a better code than an orthopedist, dermatologists...the list goes on. There are many procedures I can do better than a physician, but that is not the point. The point is Assistant does not describe what we do. It is not enough, we do way more than assist.
  6. Physicians can also first assist and their title is not Physician assistant. Surgical PAs also do certain procedures and see patients by themselves. They are not just an assistant. No offense, but "assistants" shouldn't be doing advance/highly invasive procedures such as central lines---says patient's family, hospital administrators, law makers.
  7. One way to decrease the shortage of places to work, is to allow PA to have full practice authorities and to start their own practice. Preaching the Choir again lol!
  8. Sometimes that question would only pop up in the front desk and you won't even notice. Just ask your medical assistant.
  9. We need Full Practice Authority in primary care for experienced PA and name change asap.
  10. "Due to cancellation of AAPA 2020 related to COVID-19, the TCI final report presentations are now scheduled to occur at the AAPA House of Delegates meeting, Nov. 20 – 22, 2020" https://www.aapa.org/title-change-investigation/process/timeline/ Lets hope we get some good report, not just "our title sucks, and we should change it but we can't.- the end of report"
  11. I know. I think to most of us PA school is not a stepping stone, but it is to the young 24yo graduates with minimal knowledge of personal finance. Like many pre-med would end up getting a master degree, many of them choose MSPA. I really don’t understand why they are PAs who decided to go to Med school only 1 to 2 years after PA school. (for me, going to medical school is close to one million, including opportunity cost). I blamed ourselves, the experienced PAs and PA school sugarcoat the profession too much. “Top 3 best jobs in the Country” and “Fastest growing job” is all they know when they apply to PA school. Personally, I told every pre-health/pre-pa student, if you want to go medical, go now, please do not go to PA school and regret it later. As a PA who has no desire to go to medical school, I believe the bridge program would actually hurt the profession. Besides, I don’t see any reason why the medical schools want to allow any “real, meaningful bridge programs” that would actually make sense financially for the average working PAs. I think we should focus our energy to increase autonomy in primary care. That is the one area we could fight for autonomy quickly because there is a shortage, it does not require years of training (in comparison to specialties) and physicians do not want to touch primary care with a 10ft stick unless they have no choice. All PA programs should make appropriate adjustments and transition to Doctorate since 3 years medical schools are on the rise. MSPA will not get us too far. https://www.aamc.org/news-insights/med-school-3-years-future-medical-education Lastly, get rid of “physician” in our title. We need a stand alone name. We will regret it years from now if we don’t.
  12. Make sure you have a good reason before you move to California. Everything is so expansive here and the pay does not match up. Unless you are from here I don't recommend it because you will be shocked. https://www.aapa.org/news-central/2017/03/just-far-pa-buck-go/ My friend from Dallas, Texas who moved here, had a huge pay cut and with higher cost of living. That being said, Central Valley has a lot of opportunities and higher pay. But in my opinion, Central Valley is not your typical California. If you are not going to live either in the Bay area (San Francisco, Silicon Valley) or So Cal(Los Angeles County, San Diego County), maybe central coast, there is no point moving to "Cali."
  13. Make sure to look into Families First Coronavirus Response Act https://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/pandemic/ffcra-employee-paid-leave I was able to get 80hrs to stay home and take care of the kids.
  14. More bridge program means more students will use PA school as a stepping stone. It is frustrating for me to see a new grad who is couple years out and wants go to med school. Also, just like Joelseff said, If I ever become a MD, I could care less about advancing the PA profession. I know PAs who doesn't even care about that let alone PA --> MD people.
  15. Full practice authority and responsibility in primary care. I know there are many EMPAs practices solo but I think we should focus our energy to push FPAR in primary care. It is more feasible for PAs to practice independently in primary care at this time, just simply follow the NP model. My prediction is there will be COVID21, COIVD23 etc. More opportunities will be in virtual medicine. To be ahead of all these new changes, we as a professoin needs to be in the driver seat not the passengers. I think having FPAR in prmary care will give us more control in our own destiny.
  16. I think most of us just frustrated. We all know it is not going to be an overnight process but the title change discussion has been going on forever. I remember when I first started, 100 PAs leader signed a petition for a title change and that was 10 years ago. I think it is really up to us to push the AAPA move forward to the next step. Just like Hope2PA said, there is nothing stoping them from doing Zoom meetings. They probably have more times now, since their clinical hours are most likely reduced. I am pretty sure WPP can work remotely while conducting their study via phone, email survey etc. Most of the people are at home doing nothing anyway.
  17. I disagree I just literally had a patient’s family who didn’t know what a PA was and thought I was the doctor’s little helper. We would be extremely naive to think COIVD19 is going to promote and save the entire PA profession. I actually think it is destroying and even exposing the weakness of our profession. Just ask those who got furlough. Even though you probably see most of the patients and working solo in your clinics, guess who is going to be the first one to leave? You and Me, the PAs! Majority of us are not practice owners or even partners. We are not in the C-suite, because we are assistants, dependent providers, mid-levels you name it. PAs are not getting hired by Telemedicine because of additionally administrative barriers. We still got a lot of work to do and title change is one of them and a very important one. Medical Care Practitioner (someone also had mention Advanced Medical Practitioner) is a better title. People will know and understand we practice medicine with these titles. Physician Associate will not allow us to grow into our fullest potential. We are not going to be sent back to square one because We are already at Square One compare to the NPs.
  18. I think we can learn so much from the RCPs regarding their title change process. Did they spend millions and millions of dollar for the title change? Did they get any push back from the physician? Such as pulmonologist? (pulmonologists can argue they are also respiratory care practitioner too) Nurses? even their own people? Was their practice negatively impacted because title change supposed to open up practice laws? Did they do any research and spend a million dollars on what name is best for them, like we did with WPP? Who made the decision ultimately?
  19. My approach to the Pre-PAs now is make sure they know the "bad and the ugly." They already know the "Good." I guarantee every single Pre-PAs knows we are NO. 3 best job in the US & World report. I know new grad PAs who are very unhappy after they start practicing and that is because they have unrealistic expectations. My approach now is to make sure they understand this is still a new profession. We have a lot of work to do...OTP/FPAR/Title change... If they are not willing to get involved in advancing the profession, maybe this is not the right profession for them. By the way, I love being a PA, still got 20+ years ahead of me and that is why I am scared.
  20. Just saw this today at the "PA in Virtual Medicine and Telemedicine" PAVMT Facebook group. Hiring PA was put on a pause by an employer because of the additional collaboration and state requirement. I don't blame them, I would do the same. Why jump through more hoops?
  21. Many PAs have experienced negative impact to our career due to the additional administrative burden and that is why we are pushing for OTP. If I am an employer, I would hire someone with less administrative burden, given that everything else is the same. Which means I will hire a NP in a NP independent state. We don't need a scientific proof for this. Just like we don't need proof of Physician Assistant sounds like Physician's assistant, doctor's assistant, medical assistant, doctor's little helper for the general public. I really hope I am wrong. I really hope that PAs get more jobs than the NPs in the NP independent states, but I just can't see how that is possible!
  22. What was the reason for the name change? They don't feel respected as a therapist?
  23. I see someone with John Doe RRT-ACCS, RRT-NPS, RCP RRT and RCP at the same time, so I was confused
  24. I see the use of respiratory therapist and respiratory care practitioner. Are they same position? or did they change their name?
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