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  1. How about I had a surgery at hospital A last week, but I've decided to come here at hospital B emergency room for re-evaluation because I don't feel right. By the way, I am not sure exactly what surgery I had and I don't know the name of the surgeon.
  2. Maybe she is not pro-title change? Or the institution where she works is against the title change?
  3. Whoever in the leadership position, they will need to be ready to battle. The title change to physician associate is the declaration we are moving forward as highly qualified medical care professionals. There will be plenty of resistance ahead, and I hope they are ready.
  4. Jennifer Orozco is great too. She sounds very progressive as far as I know. I am not sure about Diane.
  5. I agree with you. I don't need another year and you don't either. We are all very informed on this topic and I think MCP is the way to go. Unfortunately mostly of PAs have no clue. Some barely read the TCI report this week. I have been analyzing, listening and debating for the past 6 months since the report came out. AAPA did nothing other than releasing the report. They could've done more open discussions on this topic.
  6. I was actually surprised to hear more pro-MCP supporters. I highly doubt they will ignore all that and the WPP report. My prediction is they will agree with the change, but will give one more year to make a decision on the Title. It's ganna be associate vs MCP.
  7. Physician Associate, provide associate care. Medical Care Practitioner provide medical care. Physician Associate is an associate of the physician Medical Care Practitioner is a Practitioner of Medicine Physician Associate opens a physician associate practice Medical Care Practitioner opens a Medical Care Practice Physician Associate has an Associate degree Medical Care Practitioner has a Medical degree Am I right?
  8. How could that be? NCCPA and PAEA says we are the No.1 Profession and everything is all good!?
  9. Yes! I think that is best response, especially when the votes are so close. When the votes are so close, they should've go by the WPP's recommendation. The one million report holds more weight when the votes are evenly split. I am afraid this could be the down fall of PAFT. PAFT was not known for "playing safe" If we want to play safe, we would just listen to AAPA, NCCPA, PAEA, ARCPA. What is the point of having PAFT?
  10. Why wasted 11 years, should've change last time when the 100 leaders sign the petition to change to associate.
  11. There is a poll going on PA title change Facebook group. This is a very informed group on title change. The votes are actually pretty close and MCP is doing well so far, consider it is a such young title with no promotion. https://www.facebook.com/groups/315595819747588
  12. I think if the vote of the board was mostly an even split, they should make their final decision based on the WPP's recommendation. Votes/surveys among members are important but I think the WPP report should add another 20% of votes towards MCP. If not, why even spent a million dollar for a branding company?
  13. @sas5814 Could you explain how PAFT came to the conclusion of endorsing Physician Associate? I am just very curious. I am still waiting to hear good things about Physician Associate, so I can fully behind it.
  14. What I don't understand is that over at the Huddle, the opposed Title change article "The PA title Is a change the best way forward?" is getting a lot of praise even by Physician Associate supporters, just because the authors do not agree MCP should be the title, but at same time the authors were opposing a title change. So NO to MCP and NO to Physician Associate. Basically a slap in the face to 90% of PAs.
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