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  1. Both AAPA and California Academy of PAs recommend just use "PA." I would just follow their recommendation. The PA title change investigation final presentation will occur on 11/20 https://www.aapa.org/title-change-investigation/ hopefully something positive.
  2. Volume went down the most in from April through June. It started to pick back up in July but very weak. I think this is going to be the new normal.
  3. This is definitely not MD vs DO thread. DOs are great. My point is their name Osteopathic hinders their public image. Their founder from 1874 never thought they would be doing brain surgery today. Something we should think about in the PA name change discussion.
  4. Definitely nothing wrong with the DOs. I have worked with many great DOs. I do think their name osteopathic is confusing for the general public. Most of DOs I know doesn't practice osteopathic medicine. From a PR perspective, what helps with their image is they can also be called Physician or Doctor. I think this is something we should think about for the name change process. We need to let general public know we practice medicine.
  5. “DO” Doctor of Osteopathic has been getting a lot of heat for the last couple of weeks on social media. I think mainly it was because of Trump, so it became politicized. Just do a quick search your will see many negative comments on twitter. I don’t want to make it a political discussion, but one of the comments on Twitter reminds me of our own profession… “... how much of their curriculum is osteopathy compared to allopathy? A tiny fraction. Yet their title implies ALL they do is osteopathy. A total misnomer. That’s a self-inflicted wound if I ever seen one.” The PA profession is in the process of a name change. We have to think ahead of our time, cover all the angles, and think all the possibilities. Otherwise, it will be a waster of time and effort.
  6. On the same page but I'm optimistic. I am not surprised at all the CANP got FPA or however they want to call it. I will say just matter of the time all NP will have some degree of FPA, at least have less restrictions than the PAs. In a way, sadly or luckily the NPs are the one push the PA profession forward. Without the NP we wouldn't be talking about optimal team practice or SB 697 Practice parity. I think its time for CAPA to push for the next partice parity and we have to swing bigger this time.
  7. Senator Ling Ling Chang in my district. last year, I emailed her in regard of SB697 and She did not support it. Guess what, she supports the AB890 this year. What a joke. https://www.billtrack50.com/LegislatorDetail/19640
  8. This is nothing but a political statement. It provide nothing valuable to the real life on ground ED providers. However, I do hope SEMPA and AAPA respond to it, just to make a point that we are trained and qualify to provide patient care within our scope. As of now, they are not getting rid of us in the ED or any other settings. Physicians who work in the in trenches love to work with us. It is either working with us or see all the pt by themselves. What we need to do is really advertise our value. We shouldn't be afraid to come up with our "own system". They don't want us to call "residency" or "fellowship" I think they are being too sensitive and insecure ( I am talking about the organizations). Either way, call it a different name, but postgraduate training for PA/NP is here to stay. The physician in the trenches do not give a **** what we call our postgraduate training lol.
  9. Thank you for bumping this, I was going to make a new one. I am not surprised at all. I knew this is going to happened, it happened all 22 other states. Why not CA? CA nurses are loaded with $$ too. This is not the time to feel bad. We really need to make a big swing and stop being "afraid". California PA should really piggyback on this, especially in the Covid era.
  10. It doesn't bother me as well. NP has a doctorate degree, so they can be called Dr. John Doe DNP. The days are coming folks. We do not want to get left behind.
  11. Clinical Practitioner, Clinical Associate all sound good. The patient may take some time to think about what you do. I am also all about getting rid of the word physician in our title since we are not physician. I still like the words "Medical Care" because it will certainly register faster in patient's brain. They will know you provide medical care at some capacity. I also suggest "Medical Care Clinician" and we can use Clinician for short.
  12. Go out to meet real people. You can get some good information on the forum but also a lot of distorted, anecdotal information. I mean do you make important life decisions just by reading the social medial? what you see on TV? I hope not. I know there are doctors be hated, nurses as well. It all depends. No one is going to hate you just because you are a PA. I been a PA for 10 years and I enjoy it. Is it always sunshine and rainbow? of course not. You will not find a job like that. Again, my advice is to go out and meet real people. People get nasty behind the keyboards for some reason lol.
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