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  1. Agree. at least right now I think the PA leadership (at least majority of them) realized Physician organization will never partner with us. You can tell from AAPA's OTP statements. Individual physicians, they don't want supervised PAs. They are employees. I think the pandemic will make things worse. Physicians hours are cut, laid off. There were multiple campaigns from AMA, AAEM attacking PA/NP last year. There will be more to come. I don't think changing our name will solve all our problems, but our title is one of the problem. A big one. 90% of PAs think there is a disconnect
  2. "To those who say Medical Care Practitioner wouldn't work for PAs in surgery...we are one profession working in many specialties. Let's not just look for what's wrong or what makes us different, but consider the positives and what unites us." https://www.facebook.com/PAforMCP Share to your surgical colleagues
  3. Physician organization does not care and will not fight for us. The sooner we realized the better. Some PAs still dreaming physicians are on our side because we are "Physician" assistant. Physician organizations do not have our best interest.
  4. I am quite familiar with that area. For those who don't know, central valley is usually being perceived as a less desirable area to live, because of that reason there are usually shortage of providers. If we can't even get jobs in central valley, that is very alarming.
  5. Which state is this in? I thought we are No.1 job!?
  6. Don't get me wrong, I applaud for what they do. I will continue to support AAPA. But most of PAs have no clue. It still doesn't change most of PAs' day to day practice. It just doesn't generate enough attention, I mean just look at the response of this thread... I understand HOD will make the final decision on title change. I wish AAPA can take the advantage to make title change and OTP into one big agenda. That will definitely generate a lot of attention.
  7. AAPA should package Medical Care Practitioner (MCP) with OTP together. Base on the title change report, MCP is an opportunity for the profession. We should use that information and combine MCP with the OTP movement. AAPA will get a lot of spotlights which will boost memberships.
  8. Pushing for legislative agenda is what a national organization such as AAPA supposed to be doing. We are acting like they are doing something special... I mean what else do we pay them to do? "free" CMEs? NO mention for title change is a huge mistake. If AAPA decides not going to change the title this May, people will leave.
  9. Let's get real, 1. NP will get FPA in all 50 states eventually. Just matter of when. 2. Associate/Assistant Physician are coming to your state and they are here to stay. https://assistantphysicianassociation.com/ 3. We need OTP/FAPR and title change to Medical Care Practitioner ASAP. No one is going to buy a cook book from a chief's assistant/associate. I don't care if the assistant/associate can cook independently. Patient would rather see a practitioner or a physician. Support PAs and PA student for MCP FB page https://www.facebook.com/PAforMCP
  10. That is basically what the recruiter said. They only hire PMHNP because it is required for reimbursement purpose. After a quick research, I realized you can get PMHNP certified in one year after an NP degree or 2 two years from the start. https://nursing.ucsf.edu/PMHNP-postmasters-certificate Don't get me wrong, I am not into more certificates/courses/degrees, but if it is required for us to work and compete with the NP, I am all for it. PA programs such as Lynchburg should start making certificates like PMHNP for post graduate training. I mean how are you going to get CAQ in psych
  11. They passed, but it won't start until 2023
  12. I noticed there are more jobs for psychiatric NPs than PAs. At least in California, that is where I noticed. There is really no difference in term of supervision yet in California. Why is that?
  13. Or what will Physician's associates do when Physicians don't think we are their associates? Wake up people, when was last time AMA called us their associates? The pandemic will change a lot of things. Hospital closing, physician hours are cut, and the increase use of telemedicine. Who wants to see an assistant, or a doctor's associate when they can get the physician on the screen? We have to be our own profession and control our fate. For the PA students who are reading this, PA school does not tell you physicians are not always your friend. I have worked with many great p
  14. The plan is simple... OTP + MCP. We just have to follow through with OTP (eventually could be FPAR) and change the title to Medical Care Practitioner. OTP/FPAR and MCP go together Physician supervision and Physician associate go together. The truth is physicians do not want to supervise PA anymore. I predict give a few more years, we will see a push back from physician organizations from supervising PAs. Associate/assistant physician will be on the rise, because of increase medical student graduates and lack of residencies.
  15. MDs don't even get hired. "Young ER doctors risk their lives on the pandemic’s front lines. But they struggle to find jobs." https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/01/04/er-doctors-covid-jobs/ Hospitals are closing, physicians are out of jobs. This is why physician organization such as AMA and AAEM are calling us incompetent. We are screwed if we continue to be with tied down with the physicians. Get rid of assistant in our title and get rid of physician in our title as well before it is too late.
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