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  1. I don't think Medical Care Practitioner is a complicated name. They provide medical care. Physician Associate is complicated because what exactly does that mean? I agree it can be a mouthful, but I would just introduce myself as Emergency Medical Practitioner or Emergency Medicine Practitioner, or just simply medical practitioner I don't think I will get in trouble as long as I have a proper name badge that says Medical Care Practitioner. When is last time your hear DOs introduce themselves as Osteopathic Doctor or even MDs introduce themselves as Medical Doctor? They just use Doctor or physician.
  2. I don't think you will get sue by just calling yourself "Hi I am John Doe, Medical Practitioner" as long as your document says Medical Care practitioner. We need a simple name. We don't need another weird, or sophisticated name. We need a name just like 'Medical Doctor' simple and clear. We need a name that tells the patient we we do. 'Medical Care Practitioner are medical professionals who diagnose illness, develop and manage treatment plans, prescribe medications, and often serve as a patient’s principal healthcare provider. With thousands of hours of medical training, Medical Care Practitioner are versatile and collaborative.'
  3. Thank you! Someone finally speaks my mind. *** (Scientific, evidence base), ***(holistic, to protect), *** ( A Professional) The name is a bit long to say it but I don't think I will get in trouble for misrepresentation for introducing myself as "Hi, My names is PACali, I am your Emergency Medicine/medical Practitioner/Family medical practitioner/orthopedic medical practitioner" as long as my name tag has "PACali, ***." The name Physician Associate will only last 5 years. Eventually NP will get Independence to practice primary care in 50 states and then guess what... we will be their associates too. Their little helper. Also, *** sounds way more legit than Nurse Practitioner
  4. I am one of the few that is actually pretty happy about the survey, but I am biased because the title I like is in it.
  5. I always recommend new grads to find a job that allows them to work in the main ED. Usually those jobs are in smaller or undeserved areas. I have seen so many fast track disasters, because they expect you to move fast. As a experience provider that is fine but as a new grad it is dangerous.
  6. Without going into too much detail, I actually don't mind the extra "word" in that particular title. I agree it is longer to say it but I don't think we will get sue just introduce ourselves without that extra" word" as long we have the full name on the name tag. I actually think that extra word is brilliant, it definitely sounds like someone who can be your primary care provider. Someone who is caring , holistic and at the same time qualified. If we going to change the name, we need a name that could carry us not only for the next 5 to 10 years but beyond. We need a name that lasts. We need a name that can stand alone. I think for the profession to move forward and grow, we really need to take advantage in the primary care physician shortage . We need a name that can tell the patient..Yes, I am your primary care provider.
  7. I was thinking of the same thing, so I assumed leading = performing
  8. I got it. The survey was better than the last one for sure.Without telling too much information, I was kind of surprised but in a good way.
  9. Here is the video on how they get to the 4 options https://youtu.be/Ll7_YqXslbw
  10. wow, so they actually have 4 names, awesome. Million dollars worth spent I guess lol. I thought they are just going to tell us our name sucks and physician associate is a better name but we can't change it because physicians will get mad at us and hire more Nurse Practitioner instead...
  11. Totally agree, that's why I hope they will come up with title options. Medical Practitioner basically came from this forum and I think that is the best name we have so far. I just think the hiring of the independent agency WPP by the AAPA is waste of money. I really hope the second survey will tell me something I don't already know.
  12. I really hope the survey will be better than the last one. I also hope they can come up with new title options. After paying all that money, I don't want to hear Physician Associate is better than "Assistant" because we already know that. The first survey is kind of bad in my opinion, we already know the title does not describe what we do. Tell us something new!
  13. I agree anything longer than one year is overkill. DPT is a 3 years program, and there are already 3 years MD programs out there https://www.mcw.edu/education/medical-school-bulletin/curriculum-and-graduation-requirements/md-program-3-year Regular PA school + one more year = a doctorate degree. We don't need anymore time.
  14. It sounds like the problem is the ARC-PA, since they can only give accreditation to a master program. I support PA education to a doctorate degree, especially if it costs the same per Dr. Davenport's post.
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