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  1. Well, either prepare the PA students or be replaced by the NPs and no more PAEA.
  2. At Some hospitals, the nurse are required to wear mask when they are not vaccinated for flu. It is ridiculous they don't allow you to wear a mask at all time.
  3. Here is the Call to Action link from California Academy of PAs https://www.capanet.org/call-to-action/#/8
  4. Similar here, I am in Southern California. Volumes are way down.
  5. I am just another PA who thinks MCP makes more sense. I was for associate but after really thinking about it, associate is a weak title. In my own experience every PA, after spending just 10 mins talking about the topic changed their mind from associate to MCP. Join the new MCP facebook group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/883108145484481
  6. I really hope we didn't spend ALL that money just to change the name to Physician's associate (Yes! that is what the public will think). Depend or independent, we do not need another profession in our name. Medical Care Practitioner tells the public we practice medicine and it sounds better than "Nurse" practitioner. For those who don't like the word "care" that is what we need to protect it. You can still introduce yourself as Medical Practitioner, I doubt anyone would care. We just need that word in writing.
  7. How is their membership status? more or less than ACEP? Does any know. ACEP is at least willing to work with us.
  8. I always have a feeling when something good happens to the NPs, we PAs get left out. But when something bad happens, we all get group together. I definitely don't want the NP to fail. I think as a profession, we need to have the mindset that NP will eventually get Full Practice Authority in all 50 states, but what we are going to do about it. Our goal is to make the PA profession better each year. The time will come for NP Full Practice Authority in all 50 states, just matter of when.
  9. I really like that see the data of that. A study of opportunities between PA vs NP in independent NP states would be awesome.
  10. I do think a healthy amount of fear is good for the profession, especially for the pre-pa and pa students. Base on my experience interacting with the students, most of them don't have any idea what they are up against in the real world. I have pre-pa student asking for letter of rec but doesn't know anything about OTP. But they do know PA is the #3 best job in America LOL. One of my former student told me after he started practicing he realized the PA profession "sounds on much better on paper than in real life" and I totally agree. Don't get me wrong, I love being a PA. I think this profession is better than 90% of job out there. But I feel I have the responsibility to tell the pre-pa and pa student the reality and the challenges they will face. Now I make the pre-pas learn about OTPs and title change before writing them a letter of rec.
  11. Congratulation to the California NPs passed AB890 to allow full practice authority through the state assembly. Next stop is the senate. https://a02.asmdc.org/press-releases/20200127-assembly-passes-ab-890-providing-full-practice-authority-nurse-practitioners?fbclid=IwAR3zZOdVW7ec54GcYuXK743FUlGcDr2VQXl-X16hUxk1LaaorRckzJyghas Let's go California PAs. Get involved. Donate to California Academy of PA Political Action Committee. Even as little as $10 a month. I am sure everyone can donate 10 bucks a month, rather than spending on Starbucks. I still have hope for the PAs (I have to, I have no choice. Still got 30 years LOL...hopefully).
  12. Name matters. NPs are the nurse and PAs are the assistant. This is why we need a name change.
  13. I am still amazed some people think title change is a waste of time. I trust the process of WPP title change investigation. If the study shows the general public can relate Physician Associate with 'A Medical professional, diagnose, treat, prescribe, serve as a principal healthcare provider ' (AAPA definition) then I have no problem with it. But I highly doubt it. We need a name that clearly state we practice medicine, like Medical Care Practitioner. Associate is not too far off from assistant. If we going to change, we need it once, do it big and do it right.
  14. I have been talking about it on this forum for a while. This is the reality that we are facing. Meanwhile, many people still think NP are inferior to us. There are "NP only" jobs but no "PA only" jobs. I use story like this to scare the new grad so they would join their state organization. We need OTP and name change ASAP
  15. I did it because I still have about 30 years of practice time ahead of me. I see PA become doctorate level trained professionals. I wanted to get it out of the way now than later. Currently, I do part time teaching, but eventually may go into admin role.
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