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  1. Name matters. NPs are the nurse and PAs are the assistant. This is why we need a name change.
  2. I am still amazed some people think title change is a waste of time. I trust the process of WPP title change investigation. If the study shows the general public can relate Physician Associate with 'A Medical professional, diagnose, treat, prescribe, serve as a principal healthcare provider ' (AAPA definition) then I have no problem with it. But I highly doubt it. We need a name that clearly state we practice medicine, like Medical Care Practitioner. Associate is not too far off from assistant. If we going to change, we need it once, do it big and do it right.
  3. I have been talking about it on this forum for a while. This is the reality that we are facing. Meanwhile, many people still think NP are inferior to us. There are "NP only" jobs but no "PA only" jobs. I use story like this to scare the new grad so they would join their state organization. We need OTP and name change ASAP
  4. I did it because I still have about 30 years of practice time ahead of me. I see PA become doctorate level trained professionals. I wanted to get it out of the way now than later. Currently, I do part time teaching, but eventually may go into admin role.
  5. I think Medical Care Practitioner is the best alternative we have so far. It is a name that can be easily understood by a 9 or 90 y/o. The whole point of a name change is so people know what we do... we practice medicine, provide medical care. Medical Care Practitioner is perfect. If we going to change the name, lets be straight forward. We don't need a sophisticated name that no one can understand, and we shouldn't have an ambiguous name like physician associate. In my opinion, there is really not much difference between Physician associate and Physician assistant. We are "just" someone's helper and can't make decision on our own. I don't like the word "Certified." Of course we are licensed and certified practitioners. We don't need to emphasize that.
  6. Getting into the C-suite is the answer, and we need to change our title to reflect our responsibility. You are not a assistant or an associate. You are a practitioner of medicine. Everyone talks about how the profession is top 3 base on the US news and report. What most of students or pre-pa don't realized is that the profession sounds "way better on paper" but not in reality. I am in education as well, and I always tell the students it will be a bumpy ride for their career.
  7. Great resource on POCUS Short 5 mins videos http://5minsono.com/
  8. For those in the Medical Practitioner camp, "Medical Care Practitioner" is just as good or even better. MCP is even easier for patient to understand what we do...We practice medicine and provide medical care, We are practitioners of medicine. It is so easy! We need a name that a 6 years old can understand. For those who does not want to be associated with the NPs, "MCP" sounds nothing like a NP. I am just going to say medical practitioner to my patients just to be short. I don't think they will report me because I forgot to say "care." You don't see DOs introduced themselves as Doctor of Osteopathic. They just say doctors or physicians. So for those in the Medical Practitioner camp, lets support the MCP title!
  9. Wow, are you kidding me? If I am the employer, I will just hire NPs. You are right, we fall below chiropractors and even licensed clinical social workers. What kind of enhancement are we looking at? This is bad.We still got A LOT of work to do folks..
  10. Unfortunately, most of the PA, specially newer ones will choose Physician Associate as their initial pick because it is the easiest and most obvious. With those people, after spending just 15 minutes explaining they all agree MCP is a better name, at least in my experience. I really believe the NP might change their name to Medical Care Practitioner if we don't use it. It is powerful name for public relations. Have a good PR is the whole point for a name change. years ago We got rid off the apostrophe "S" and it didn't do much to our image. Let's not make the same mistake. Let's do it right. Let have a clear, concise name. A name within millisecond people know what we do. Stop misrepresenting ourselves as physician's associate because we are not. In California, under the newly passed SB697, PAs are no longer mandated by law to act as an agent or extension of the supervising physician. Medical Care Practitioner was the original name prior to the PA profession development in UK https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16813540
  11. I see one year residency become a requirement since most of our student do not have adequate past medical experience.
  12. I think Care is in there so we can legally protect the title. I am just going say Medical Practitioner for ease of communication and I don't think there will be any issue. Doctor of Osteopathic introduce themselves as Doctors not Doctor of Osteopathic.
  13. I understand the PA profession values team practice, collaboration and association with the physicians (and all other healthcare professionals) but that doesn't means we need to have the word "associate" in our title. In a law-firm, an associate attorney is a entry/junior level lawyer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Associate_attorney We are not junior level doctors/physicians. in fact, we are not even physicians. The problem is not only with "assistant/associate" but also with the word "Physician." The whole point of a name change is to let people know we practice medicine. Physician Associate is confusing to the general public. We can still be committed to team practice with the title Medical Care Practitioner. We don't need to emphasize team practice (association) in our title.
  14. No, 15 years from now, Nurse practitioner will become "Medical Care Practitioner." I can totally see that progression with the NPs and we will still be someone's associates or even their associates.
  15. I think programs like USC (32 months) should automatically transition to a doctorate degree. Going through all that, with only a master is a joke.
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