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Waiting for an Interview Offer

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I know that some people on these forums have already heard back from programs, whether it was an interview or rejection. From what you guys know or have heard, is the timing just so random that you could get an interview offer 3 months after CASPA submission or is the general consensus that the longer you go without hearing anything, the likelihood of getting a rejection increases?

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Schools have different protocols for interviews and different academic schedules. And remember that the people who review applications are often the same ones who are teaching so they have busy times and times they can go through a great many applications. 

Reviewed applications are sometimes put into categories: invite (for an interview), keep in the pool of potential future interviewees, or decline. Being declined at this stage may be because of poor grades, for example. If you're still in the pool after the initial review, you might get an interview after the "stars" do. The stars are applicants with outstanding academic backgrounds, great PCE, etc. They are followed by other applicants and the process can go on for as long as there are slots to offer or a waiting list that needs to be built up.

After interviews, the decision can be made to admit you, leave you on the waiting list, or decline. The waiting list has become increasingly important as applicants apply to multiple schools and -- especially the stars -- get multiple acceptances and can ultimately attend only one program. My best friend in PA school was plucked from the waiting list two days before school started when someone else changed their mind at the last minute. (It happens.)

Bottom line: you can hear at any time. Breathe!




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U Go Long has put the important information out there.  The new cycle, for the most part, has just started.  First deadlines for 2021 cycle are usually Aug 1.  Some schools will WAIT until all applications are received prior to sending out invites, whereas some send them out as they come in.

Also fully agree with wait lists... Not a star by any means, however had multiple acceptances.  The good thing about it is that opened up spots for others.

Keep at it, stay positive and good luck.

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