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  1. got an email today saying "Although we believe your credentials demonstrate strong academic potential, your application is being held for further review." My app was complete 5/24.
  2. just received an interview invite for July 6th! App received by Pitt on May 10th
  3. Touro confirmed receipt of supplemental application May 28th
  4. last cycle my app was received by them June 1st...this year I got a verification email from them May 10th...hoping that is the difference I needed
  5. So interviewed, got put on the waitlist, and then never got off of it (when I followed up with a few questions the program mentioned to apply early, etc. if not taken off), and the next cycle started so yes kind of a rejection but never actually got a rejection email
  6. Have any of you heard of people that have gotten into a program the next cycle after being waitlisted the previous cycle?
  7. Does anyone think that there will be more movement off the waitlist this year, especially because of COVID? Just trying to increase my hope as I sit on a waitlist for a school...
  8. Waitlisted for acceptance after 10/28 interview
  9. Just got invited to interview. Verified 6/1
  10. Received the “remains under review” again. It would be nice to know the real difference between this one and the one mentioned above. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Does Wayne State send an email confirming a completed CASPA application? I did not receive one.
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