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Zoom Interview Tips

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Hey all!

With COVID-19 being ever so present during this application cycle, it seems a lot of schools are holding interviews via Zoom or some other virtual format. Does anyone have any tips/advice for interviewing virtually? Pros and cons?

Just trying to prepare myself for this new normal. Thanks in advance!

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Not having interviewed on Zoom, but having appointments on Zoom, here’s my advice:

-Prepare just as you would for an in-person interview. Expect a lot of scenario questions and vast topics-even ones that may not have anything to do with medicine. There are many websites and books with great tips and sample questions.

 -Expect some streaming lag, so be prepared to not fidget during this awkward pause.

-Make sure all your tech stuff is working and have your laptop plugged in-many are shocked how much battery they need and meetings end abruptly.

-Make sure your background is clean/organized and noisy pets/phones are put away.

I know these may seem like no-brainer tips, but you’d be amazed what goes on over Zoom.

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For each program I interviewed with, I was sent an informative email about 2-4 weeks prior that just gave general statements on what type of interview I was headed into: MMI, group, 1:1, panel, or combo. I could see each of these types still working on Zoom with some modifications.

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