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Inpatient Schedules

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Hello everyone,

I recently took a position in an inpatient BMT group and there is an issue with the scheduling. They are actively hiring and 1 more position. We currently have 6 people.  I used to work 3 - 12 1/2 shifts per week with 1 week of 4 - 12 1/2 hr shift during the month in a previous role.  We initiated 12 hour shifts here at this institution a few months ago to help with continuity of care, however, we have people working 5-6 days in a row!!  Which is think it crazy.  We are having to pick up "extra" shifts because we are at a high census and low staff.  The assistant director is hyperfocused on the "80 hours in a 2 week" period, and I feel like the "how many days in a row" gets overlooked.  Oh, the numbers on the chart are the number of hours we have in a 2 week period.  We were told "no overtime pay" would be given (even though the nurses are getting time and a half for working extra shifts--I know because I personally asked a nurse).  The "critical shortage pay" is regular hourly rate plus $300 extra given on your check for that day.   Monday - Friday shifts are 12 hours, and weekends are 10 hour shifts....What types of schedules do you all have?  Tell me do you like your schedule?  Would you make any changes to your schedule to make it better?  Can you attach a copy of your schedule for me to see? I want to gather different ways of scheduling our shifts so that I can present them to my APP assistant director and try to make this better.  Thanks everyone!

June Schedule Example.docx

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There are plenty of inpatient positions that work (7) 12's in a row, normally with the following week off.  Others will do 5on/5off, 10on/10off etc., there are all kinds of variations. 

Are you a salary employee or an hourly one?  Does your contract spell out # of shifts, # of hours?

Prior position any shift over our contracted 11 shifts/mo would be reimbursed at $1200, depending on need would crank up to $1500 or $1800 (we would get the same moonlight pay as residents/fellows).

If you are meeting your 80hr/week requirement (if that's in your contract) then yes, there needs to be some negotiated bonus or hourly rate on top of that.  $300 is about $20/hr extra, what's your baseline compensation work out to? 

And yes, nursing staff will always get the 1.5x, 2x with their union representation.  There is a "professional obligation" for providers to show up and take care of patients is what I've always been told *eyes rolling*, one of the reasons I've moved to a different place.

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I'm a hospitalist in a large group. We have 12 hour day shifts and 13 hour night shifts, to account for hand-off. We cover all weekends, nights, and holidays. We also have 10 hour admitter shifts where we only do admits and service transfers.

Because we are so large we have a lot of freedom in our schedule. Some of us, like myself, prefer to work 3-4 day stretches. Some people like longer. Some people work a lot of nights, some people hate nights. We have an administrative assistant whose only job is to manage our scheduling complexities.

I used to work in a smaller group of 6 hospitalist providers. I would start by saying that the focus should not be on 80 hours per pay period, but rather on a set number of hours over a longer period of time. We used three months (quarterly) scheduling. That allows for a lot more flexibility.

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