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Can anyone Advise, please?

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Hi, I know all of you are working very hard to get into PA school and good luck to all of you. I want to apply as well but my situation is different. I am a foreign edu physical therapist currently working as licensed physical therapist in US with over 6000 hours of direct patient care experience. According to WES report, my GPA of undergrad is 3.56, while 3.61 during master program at UIC, Chicago (2015). I did not take GRE yet. I have been in touch with couple of schools and they are ok with my previous coursework but wanted me to take BIO 101 with Lab which I completed as well (GPA 4.0). I also took lot of CLEP exams to complete my requirement for PT license exam. I took almost 3 to 4 CLEP exams every week for couple of months. Per Schools, am eligible to apply but just wanna know what the chances are? because am very nervous at this time. Any suggestion will be really helpful. Thank you and good luck to all of you.

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Shoot, everyone is nervous. What is your sGPA? and assuming you have all the prerequisites done then I would feel confident applying. I don't have much credibility because I only just applied this cycle, but I would apply with the stats given. Your PCE seems above most of the averages I have seen, so that is good. I think you'd stand a chance 🙂 

And if you're not taking the GRE then there are still plenty of schools to apply to, I feel like they have a higher number of applicants for that reason, so I'd apply early....well apply early either way lol

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Just a quick piece of advice...if you do a science major make sure you can keep ur GPAs high. If you have less than a 3.5 (especially for cumulative) or science GPAs PA schools will fear your ability to succeed in their programs. It is often easier to make higher grades in a non-sci major. Not many schools will give preference to a 3.2 Bio major when compared to a 3.5 or so Eng or Span major. Trust me on this. I wish I would have known this myself...speaking from personal experience!

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