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  1. Hi, I am foreign educated as well and I had my bachelor degree coursework evaluated by WES long time ago. I graduated with Master program from UIC in 2015. I am physical therapist at present. In Caspa transcript section (under FAQ), you can find what courses are considered as science courses and then may be you can calculate your sGPA/cGPA. Worse part of ECE/WES evaluation is that your transcript won't be added as course by course so unfortunately you won't be able to select course which complete prerequisite in program material section. I am familiar with only couple of colleges that accept foreign coursework like university of tempa, stanford etc.
  2. Hi, I don't think status will change to "under Review" in CASPA application. CASPA does verification and submission only, You will get an email from Campus and most prolly around end of November or December , This program is my priority as well, am only applying to couple of programs.
  3. yes, I was surprised too when I saw the charges so I had to drop it. I applied as a resident.
  4. Thank you really appreciate your time, I won't qualify for FAFSA since I already owe then from previous program. I tried at local community college and it was about $1285 for 5 credits course which is lot at this time. I am not sure but I have heard that some PA programs don't take community college credits either, so I think I should check university courses then.
  5. Hi everyone, I am looking for some online courses like microbiology etc but they are very expensive, but during the search I found this "straighterline" online courses and they are super cheap. just wondering if any of you know anything about it? if those credits are acceptable or not? Any suggestion would be really appreciated. Thank you.
  6. wonderful, thanks for replying, so I guess you are already in PA program? this whole process is very frustrating,
  7. Hi, does anyone know if they offer rolling admission? thanks and good luck,
  8. Your profile is really good, except PCE but I think that should be ok with your stats. Good luck to you, am sure you will get it,
  9. Hi Kevin, I would really appreciate if you can do that for mine, Please share your emial id and I can send it to you, Thanks
  10. Thank you for the suggestion Taylor, my sGPA is 3.51, not great but will try,,am gonna try for this cycle only,, I see you are RN so you must have lot of PCE as well and that's the strongest point for both of us I guess,,
  11. Hi all, just quick question, I took lot of CLEP courses in 2012-13 and I got transcript from collegeboard.org but I can't figure out how to add these courses in caspa application since there is no semester kind of thing and no starting or ending date. Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Hi Karinag, I completed online bio 101 with lab recently from university of milwaukee. it may be worth of try to look into other courses as well.
  13. Hi, I know all of you are working very hard to get into PA school and good luck to all of you. I want to apply as well but my situation is different. I am a foreign edu physical therapist currently working as licensed physical therapist in US with over 6000 hours of direct patient care experience. According to WES report, my GPA of undergrad is 3.56, while 3.61 during master program at UIC, Chicago (2015). I did not take GRE yet. I have been in touch with couple of schools and they are ok with my previous coursework but wanted me to take BIO 101 with Lab which I completed as well (GPA 4.0). I also took lot of CLEP exams to complete my requirement for PT license exam. I took almost 3 to 4 CLEP exams every week for couple of months. Per Schools, am eligible to apply but just wanna know what the chances are? because am very nervous at this time. Any suggestion will be really helpful. Thank you and good luck to all of you.
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