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  1. Just a quick piece of advice...if you do a science major make sure you can keep ur GPAs high. If you have less than a 3.5 (especially for cumulative) or science GPAs PA schools will fear your ability to succeed in their programs. It is often easier to make higher grades in a non-sci major. Not many schools will give preference to a 3.2 Bio major when compared to a 3.5 or so Eng or Span major. Trust me on this. I wish I would have known this myself...speaking from personal experience!
  2. May I ask why u withdrew app from South...that is, if it was related to any issues w the school itself, or the atmosphere there? thx in advance!
  3. Congrats on your hopeful progress towards clinicals! I am curious if you could please let me know your undergrad major at unc chapel hill? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi there! May I ask what your major was at unc chapel hill?
  5. I had a couple kind patients who asked me what my goals were and they said I would be a great PA. One even offered to write me a letter after only a mere 10 min conversation! He didnt know me from Adam, but was so impressed and moved to offer such a kind and selfless gesture. My manager and coworkers also tell me the same. It is so great to hear such reassurances from others who have known you for both short and long periods, similarly to acute and chronic patients as a family clinician. Here are a few quotes that have helped me: You cant calm the storm, you can only calm yourself
  6. Hi there, I am interested if you want to PM. Thx
  7. I have a similar question ^^^ ans1224...does anyone know if there will be anymore interviews this year? I applied Sept/Oct and curious to know if they will have any interviews Nov/Dec. I would be very grateful if anyone can please share their knowledge so that I can avoid worrying and pestering admissions! Thanks in advance!
  8. Chg barrier to barriers...sorry not time to help more Watch for exaggerations...indispensable sounds like a lot, maybe a strong addition instead
  9. Reflex change to reflect... Watch ur tenses. If sentence is past tense, keep it that way
  10. There is a very different atmosphere in volunteering v. paid. That is a reality that he was likely emphasizing, just as the schools you apply to will be, even though they may not tell you. Differing pressures, expectations, duties, requirements, etc. from patients, coworkers, staff, providers, managers, other departments, other offices, etc. It's multifaceted and complicated. I enjoy volunteering much more than dealing with the pressures of my paid position. PA Schools will be just as blunt in their opinions, as well. Will they be considerate (or will it be perceived as so) when they ha
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