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Advice on how I passed pance on second try

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Hey all, so I passed pance on my second attempt so I will list below what I did both times to help those that are in a similar situation. 

First time pance: 

  • - Went through the entire blueprint using pance prep pearls, step up to medicine and uptodate. 
  • - Had about ~500 of notes and reviewed them twice
  • - Did ~800 questions between rosh review Cardio, pulm, and GI sections only, GI boost exam on rosh review and the nccpa test. Also did Exammaster cardio only 
  • - Scored 156 on packrat right before studying for pance 
  • - Studied the night before pance, slept a bit not a lot 
  • - Took pance 1.5 hours away from home

Score: 341, passing is 350. 

Second time pance: 

  •  took 1 week off to relax 
  •  began studying areas I scored weakest by just doing question banks. Purchased Kaplan Question bank, school extended my Exammaster membership and I told Rosh I failed so they extended my membership for free until I do pass pance. 
  •  I began with MSK and did all the questions on Rosh, then once I finished moved onto all MSK questions on exammaster, then once finished move onto only MSK questions on Kaplan. I would write down in one notebook all the questions I got wrong and why and would review them. I followed this method for 11 sections: Msk, gi, cardio, pulm, eent, repro, renal, gu, neuro, endocrine, and psych 
  •  I also ordered the aapa book and went through that and did the questions in the book and online 
  • After going through sections individually, I took the nccpa test when I was 1 month out to see my weaknesses. After, I RESET all question banks and did all of Rosh randomly, then did all of Exammaster questions randomly. I took Rosh Review power pack 1 & 2 ($20 each) tests. 
  •  2 days before the test I did 300 questions, and day before I just relaxed, made my lunch, called friends, and looked at a couple notecards and went to bed early.
  •  Day of test: I took all 3 breaks offered (MUST DO!). I did the first section then break. Came back and did section 2 & 3 back to back (HARD) then break. Came back did section 4 then break. Came back and did section 5. I made sure to use the noise canceling headphones (really helped me concentrate). I went home, felt like I did bad but just watched Netflix until I got my results the week later.

Score: 477



If you fail, just use that energy to do better not to feel sorry for yourself. Feeling sorry won't help you pass, each day putting in the work and going to bed asking "did I do a full days worth of work today?" and do better daily.

For my test day food, I packed green grapes, lots of smoothies, some crackers. You want the food to be digested fast which is why I choose smoothies and grapes. I would avoid a sandwich, too much chewing and time goes by fast so make your break count. 

Advice: pick the best answer. When you approach a question, read the last sentence, the answer choices then start from the top and read the question and EVERY word. 


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