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  1. What books are these "pretest" exactly and how do I get them? Test taking is challenging for me so this would help I feel!
  2. Hey all! I have questions pertaining to my 2 elective rotations. I wish there was an elective that I was dying to go into but for now, I am using my electives to guide me in which specialty I would like to work in. I am also in a dual master program so I graduate with PA and MPH and would like to utilize my mph. I am deciding between these 4 to get my 2 elective rotations, I have listed them in order of interest. 1) Dermatology 2) Hematology/Oncology 3) Orthopedics 4) ICU I know my goal for after PA school is to get married, have kids. I can't seriously date too much with the demands of PA school. I wanted a specialty that is challenging enough so I feel satisfied with my job (and the amount of schooling I did!). Any input is appreciated!
  3. Thanks Rev! So I didn't have a formal hearing by any means, it was a meeting with the dean. Thanks UGoLong for the cell phone record log, that helped me TREMENDOUSLY! The dean was very impressed that I brought that and he wrote in the email to my program director, that he is pleased that I gave this meeting great attention and that in fact, I was not on my phone in either instance. He asked me if I thought my speed was too fast, I told him that I don't always abide by the 20 mph speed limit but I am no way at a speed that I find fast and I think it matches the speed of other cars around me. I told him dealing with this brings me great stress as I will be out to rotations soon and do not need this on my professionalism, I have purchased a bike to avoid giving this security guard any opportunity to write me up. I told him I have never gotten a single ticket in my life so this is absurd. at the end of the meeting, I told him that I know this security guard gives special attention to me more than other students and I don't like it. This security guard has also made a female security guard cry in the foyer of our main building (several students present saw that) and he told her to go to the bathroom to clean up as her crying is a mess. A classmate of mine went to ask him why she got a ticket and he just yelled at her, I told the dean I don't like that security guard's mannerisms toward students and his own coworkers, it's uncalled for. He noted that and told me of course I'm free to drive on campus, but he is glad I have a bike too. I've been walking to campus as well (takes me a 25 min walk). Thank you SO much for the help everyone. I really mean it. I was so nervous I would get a record on professionalism! I am going to be walking/bike riding more, I think that it will be best till rotations, I just don't want to risk anything.
  4. Hey Rev, Thank you! What do you think I should say tomorrow? I was going to show my cell phone records to say I wasn't on my phone. I was going to own up to the fact that, yes, I was lazy and make a wrong turn to get into a close parking spot inside of making a circle around the lot. He said I was speeding, so I don't know how to fight that. He said I was reckless, there were no cars around, that's why I made the turn so I was being lazy but I wasn't reckless. I was truly unaware of how close I was to him tailgating the first offense. He is mean, he said "sorry I can't drive fast enough for you" after I apologized a few times for tailgating him. He pointed me out to another security guard saying, "that's that girl that tailgated me", and he has been mean to his coworkers in front of people too. Basically, I'll show my phone logs, I'll show pictures of the interior of my car and how I have a wall mount, I have bluetooth in my car so i never hold my phone which is legal, and I'm showing receipts of my new $450 bike to avoid driving to school. Thanks for the help!
  5. Yeah I know it won't keep me out, I'm just afraid I will get a professionalism dinge throughout the remainder of my program on my record. Any advice on how to convince the dean to not do that? Also I bought a bike and all the accessories (lock, helmet) so for the next 5 months I'll just be riding my bike to campus (2 miles from my house). I'll show him that too. I told my program director and my advisor. I just want to convince the dean to not have it be on my record at all. Thanks!
  6. Yup! got that too. I wasn't on my phone. He wrote, "I in fact did confirm that she was on her phone when she left her car". I had my phone in my hand, maybe? Either way my cellphone carrier records over his words is what it'll come down to. I will admit that I was lazy and instead of making a circle around the parking lot, I just took a quick wrongful turn into a parking spot. Anything else I should say? Thank you again!
  7. Hi! Thanks for that useful tip! I printed out my phone calls and texts from AT&T, I didn't use calls/texts until 2pm that day, so not at all in the morning! I will show that. Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone! I hate making this post as I don't like this situation but I wanted to ask advice from all of your intelligent people! SO I have to meet with our dean of students for a SECOND time in the last two months. So last month, in July, I unknowingly tailgated a security guard (honestly, I just didn't realize I was driving so close). When he got out of his car and yelled at me, I apologized 3 times saying, "it was an honest mistake, and it won't happen again". He ended our conversation with, "Sorry I can't drive fast enough for you" and I said "no that is not my intent, I apologize it won't happen again". That security guard wrote an email to the dean saying and I'm quoting it, "she somewhat apologized, her tailgating me is a hazard to driving, she was on her phone". I was never once on my phone, my car has bluetooth and a cell phone holder so I don't ever need to. I saw the dean, he said it's a warning and to be more careful. This past Friday, I got an email from the dean that I have to meet him again for a second "reckless driving" offense. I emailed to inquire what was the exact nature of my offense and he wrote back, "i will happily show documentations of everything I was given when you arrive". I went down to administration and talked with the head of security and he told me it was due to me turning the wrong way to park my car in the lot that morning and that the security guard (same one) said I seemed distracted most likely due to phone use and I was going 40 mph in a 25 mph lot. First thing, I never speed. Also our school has no radar, that security guard's method of judgement is sight of my car moving. The security guard is really mean (like seriously, people have cried), and he watches me like a hawk. Even when I walk to school, he literally stares when I walk past, it's creepy. So I'm going to say to the dean I never speed, people ride with me all the time and can vouch that I drive like a grandma. Maybe I was going 30 mph, I wasn't going like 50 mph, I was well within the grounds of driving a safe speed given a parking lot I drive in daily. There were NO cars and I do admit to wrong turning to get into a close parking spot rather than making a loop around the parking lot to find a spot. I wasn't ON MY PHONE AT 8:45am in the morning AND my phone has bluetooth! I am going to show him pictures of my car with proof that I talk to people on bluetooth, that I have a cell phone holder on the dashboard. Lastly, that Friday I went and bought a brand new bike ($450 receipt, yikes!) and that from now on, I will be riding my bike to school as I am 5 months out to rotations and this is not worth it to me. My question is: Do you think I get put on professionalism probation? I'm seriously freaking out. Second question: Advice on what to say when I meet my dean a second time.
  9. Thanks so much! Yeah, I wanted to get certified used toyota corolla. I want something that though I'll pay as a student along with other bills, I'll have when I'm done with school to use as well and it's not a junker. Thanks for the tip about the dad on the phone, I'll excuse myself and talk about prices privately. The area where I'm living, it's ALL driving. It's just a remote area with no buses or anything, so a reliable car is a necessity as the upperclassmen have made sure to tell me. Thank you for your help!
  10. Hi everyone! So today I intend on going to the dealer to talk about cars! I think I would most prefer to BUY as opposed to lease. All of my classmates that leased eventually did buy since they were going over the mileage when it came time for rotations. My questions to you are: What type of car? I'm heavily leaning towards the Toyota Corolla. I had my last one in my family for 21 years! How much should I pay monthly and do I have to put money down? Would you highly recommend leasing as a student? How to work with the car salesman? I'm going alone, a young girl, I don't want to get ripped off. I really can't afford a high payment. My dad will be on the phone with me the entire time when we talk finances, he just couldn't physically come as I'm 3000 miles away. Thanks so much! I'm so nervous!
  11. Thanks everyone for your input! It is so helpful! I haven't made a decision; and yes, regarding the student loan money, I fully understand it is not to be used frivolously for expenses. After speaking with somestudents in my current program, they said they have used loan money toward their lease payments (nothing extravagant, just a reliable car to take to rotations) and some just bought a cheaper, used car. I'll have to see what is available to me. I've been looking at some cars, I think it comes down to what I can afford; if I can only make lease payments, then leasing. If I can buy a cheaper, used car then I'll do that. I wish we didn't absolutely need cars but it is essential for PA school rotations! Thank you all again!
  12. Hello! So I am going to Touro University on Mare Island in Vallejo, California. I'm excited but more nervous because I have so much to figure out! I am delighted to go to my first choice though! I realize I do need a car during my time there as there is no public transit and nothing is walking distance. I don't know if I should lease a car for 36 months (my program is 33 months) or if I should buy a cheaper car? Thoughts? Being from the midwest, my family won't be nearby and I am worried if something were to go wrong with the car, I don't know how to fix anything! With a lease, I could just take it in. But a lease would be more expensive. I will be driving to my rotations come second year, which are spread out all throughout California (that's a big state!). I keep going back and forth over buying a car or leasing one. Either way, I will have to use student loan money so that is something to note. I know it's another expense but it is necessary and the car I have now I will be getting rid of before I move since it's just too old to bring to California. So please let me know your thoughts and what you would do in the situation! Thanks in advance!
  13. Undergrad Ed School: Michigan State University Major: Economics Minor: Art History CASPA Undergrad GPA: 3.20 CASPA Science GPA: 3.00 Age at application time : 26 GRE: Verbal: 152, Quant: 151 , Analytical: 4.5 Direct Patient Care : CNA Orthopedics: 500 hours; Dental Assistant: 2,000 Other activities: Refugee mentor in college, Honors college graduate, Deans list every semester, Soup kitchen for several years, have two years of working in the financial world as a banker PA Shadowing- I work in orthopedics, so I see and help out the PAs quite often, but my hospital only let me formally shadow them for 10 hours, but in reality, through my work I get to see them with my patients almost daily. Schools Applied: all of the Nova Southeastern schools but did not do supplemental for the Fort Lauderdale one, Rosalind Franklin, Rush, Rocky Mountain College, Barry, Rocky Mountain University, Touro University-California, King’s College, Midwestern Downers Grove, MCPHS, Johnson & Wales, Augsburg (15 total) CASPA verification date: July 20th (or so) 2015 Interview Invites: Barry University, Rocky Mountain College, Touro University-California Withdrew Application: none Waitlisted: none Accepted: Touro University-California Denied: everywhere else Attending: Touro University-California! My absolute #1 choice! Attempt: 1st I highly recommend that you save up a good amount of money because gre, application fees and the costs to go out for an interview add up really quickly! It is already a stressful process, be prepared financially. Don’t take hard classes during interview cycle, which is usually August to December, I did and it was stressful studying for a hard exam and also flying out to an interview. I would recommend having a plan if you are not accepted this cycle. I had a list of courses I was going to start taking if I was not accepted into any programs so that I could build on my application for the next cycle along with I was going to continue working getting more patient care hours. Many people don’t get in their first cycle, please do not get discouraged, it never hurts to have a plan to provide you peace of mind that you are working towards your goal. As for interview, it really is like a job interview and even harder. Have the questions, why you want to be a PA and why did you choose this school, prepared in an outline manner. Do not sound rehearsed! One school said I did sound rehearsed, and guess what, I did rehearse it line by line! So don’t do what I did. The next interview, I had my answers as an outline in my head. Every time the answer came out different, but the outline was the same, so it flowed naturally. Read up on healthcare, I read The New Yorker medicine, Washington post, the Economist to know the changes that are happening in healthcare and it made me more confident and knowledgeable in my approach. Best of luck everyone!
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