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  1. Hey all, so I passed pance on my second attempt so I will list below what I did both times to help those that are in a similar situation. First time pance: - Went through the entire blueprint using pance prep pearls, step up to medicine and uptodate. - Had about ~500 of notes and reviewed them twice - Did ~800 questions between rosh review Cardio, pulm, and GI sections only, GI boost exam on rosh review and the nccpa test. Also did Exammaster cardio only - Scored 156 on packrat right before studying for pance - Studied the night before pance, slept a bit
  2. Hi everyone, First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to read this and especially if you leave me advice, please know I am very grateful for it. I am taking my pance for the 2nd time in 3 weeks and I will list what I have done so far in the past 9 weeks studying and what I plan to do for the remaining 3 weeks. I focused on questions! I started with what I did weak on first then moved along, so MSK, GI, Cardiology, pulmonology, EENT, Repro, Renal, GU, Endocrine, neurology, psych. Each of these 11 topics I did all the questions on that section on Rosh first, then all
  3. Hi everyone, I'm taking the pance a second time because the first time I didn't pass by just a few marks. My main issue is choosing the right answer between two choices. So now I am going to practice questions all the time and only look at books, videos if I am really lacking in a subject. I have two months of studying ahead of me and I have access to the following: Kaplan/Rosh/Exam master/ pa easy question banks. But they will all expire soon or I will use up all the questions since I plan on doing questions daily, if I bought Kaplan or Rosh again next month (it's a one month subs
  4. Hi everyone, First and foremost, I am grateful for everyone reading this. I really wish I did not have to even write this. I took my board exam on 10/10/19 and I found out a few hours ago that I failed. I will list everything I did below, I really just need guidance and what I did wrong. I am asking for advice and I have a job offer waiting and no idea what to tell them. Do I tell them I failed then risk everyone at work later knowing I am dumb? How I studied: - I took the board exam 7 weeks after graduation. I took the first week off, then for the remaining 6 weeks I st
  5. What books are these "pretest" exactly and how do I get them? Test taking is challenging for me so this would help I feel!
  6. Hey all! I have questions pertaining to my 2 elective rotations. I wish there was an elective that I was dying to go into but for now, I am using my electives to guide me in which specialty I would like to work in. I am also in a dual master program so I graduate with PA and MPH and would like to utilize my mph. I am deciding between these 4 to get my 2 elective rotations, I have listed them in order of interest. 1) Dermatology 2) Hematology/Oncology 3) Orthopedics 4) ICU I know my goal for after PA school is to get married, have kids. I can't serious
  7. Thanks Rev! So I didn't have a formal hearing by any means, it was a meeting with the dean. Thanks UGoLong for the cell phone record log, that helped me TREMENDOUSLY! The dean was very impressed that I brought that and he wrote in the email to my program director, that he is pleased that I gave this meeting great attention and that in fact, I was not on my phone in either instance. He asked me if I thought my speed was too fast, I told him that I don't always abide by the 20 mph speed limit but I am no way at a speed that I find fast and I think it matches the speed of other cars a
  8. Hey Rev, Thank you! What do you think I should say tomorrow? I was going to show my cell phone records to say I wasn't on my phone. I was going to own up to the fact that, yes, I was lazy and make a wrong turn to get into a close parking spot inside of making a circle around the lot. He said I was speeding, so I don't know how to fight that. He said I was reckless, there were no cars around, that's why I made the turn so I was being lazy but I wasn't reckless. I was truly unaware of how close I was to him tailgating the first offense. He is mean, he said "sorry I can't drive
  9. Yeah I know it won't keep me out, I'm just afraid I will get a professionalism dinge throughout the remainder of my program on my record. Any advice on how to convince the dean to not do that? Also I bought a bike and all the accessories (lock, helmet) so for the next 5 months I'll just be riding my bike to campus (2 miles from my house). I'll show him that too. I told my program director and my advisor. I just want to convince the dean to not have it be on my record at all. Thanks!
  10. Yup! got that too. I wasn't on my phone. He wrote, "I in fact did confirm that she was on her phone when she left her car". I had my phone in my hand, maybe? Either way my cellphone carrier records over his words is what it'll come down to. I will admit that I was lazy and instead of making a circle around the parking lot, I just took a quick wrongful turn into a parking spot. Anything else I should say? Thank you again!
  11. Hi! Thanks for that useful tip! I printed out my phone calls and texts from AT&T, I didn't use calls/texts until 2pm that day, so not at all in the morning! I will show that. Thank you!
  12. Hi everyone! I hate making this post as I don't like this situation but I wanted to ask advice from all of your intelligent people! SO I have to meet with our dean of students for a SECOND time in the last two months. So last month, in July, I unknowingly tailgated a security guard (honestly, I just didn't realize I was driving so close). When he got out of his car and yelled at me, I apologized 3 times saying, "it was an honest mistake, and it won't happen again". He ended our conversation with, "Sorry I can't drive fast enough for you" and I said "no that is not my intent, I
  13. Thanks so much! Yeah, I wanted to get certified used toyota corolla. I want something that though I'll pay as a student along with other bills, I'll have when I'm done with school to use as well and it's not a junker. Thanks for the tip about the dad on the phone, I'll excuse myself and talk about prices privately. The area where I'm living, it's ALL driving. It's just a remote area with no buses or anything, so a reliable car is a necessity as the upperclassmen have made sure to tell me. Thank you for your help!
  14. Hi everyone! So today I intend on going to the dealer to talk about cars! I think I would most prefer to BUY as opposed to lease. All of my classmates that leased eventually did buy since they were going over the mileage when it came time for rotations. My questions to you are: What type of car? I'm heavily leaning towards the Toyota Corolla. I had my last one in my family for 21 years! How much should I pay monthly and do I have to put money down? Would you highly recommend leasing as a student? How to work with the car salesman? I'm going alone, a young girl, I don't want to get
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