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  1. I completely agree. Supposedly the ARC is not budging, by pushing continued rotations, classes, exams etc. But I also think/know it is per the faculty at each program. For sure.. we are not licensed yet to give up our safety and health. Im on rotations and the clinics have more common sense than the ARC by sending students home. It's either about money for ARC to push continue rotations or each programs is sacrificing morals/ethics to keep the accreditations. It's insane!
  2. I got your email, and clicked Join, but still, I get this page. No worries, I will wait for Rayleen to respond to my emails. Thanks again have a great weekend!!
  3. Thanks! But I believe admin blocked me or something...I even searched and the page doesn't come up. It's really strange!
  4. May someone let me know the exact Facebook group name to join? I joined this group "Samuel Merritt University PA Class of 2020" but I see no recent posts. I also searched SMU PA class of 2020 but nothing came up. I appreciate your help!
  5. Thank you the updates everyone! I was 5.0 on the waitlist, Now... I am on deck at 1.0. I will update as necessary. Take Care!
  6. @Kalika Thanks for the update!! This helps people like me stay focused and patient. Congrats!!!
  7. Hello all! SMU is my number one for years now. The interview was amazing and challenging. The current class is awesome! I received an email Tuesday that I am waitlisted #5. Congrats to all going through this cycle!! Quite the journey. I appreciate the feedback and updates. Waiting patiently now.
  8. @RainOnNeptune Congrats to you on receiving the NHSC scholarship. I have been doing some research but I have not seen a NHSC scholarship program for PAs. I only thought the scholarship was offered to MD students while in school. May you please direct me to the link to apply? I am hoping to get into PA school, I had two interviews after many cycles, so I am grateful. I have a master's already so my loan debt is about max from the FEDs. Any tips on how you were awarded the scholarship? Many Thanks!!!
  9. Rejected. Sad face. Congrats to all those with interview and acceptance. I am an Athletic Trainer. They prefer primary care experience. Hard to quit my current job to become a MA, or EMT, etc. I will keep trying in hopes that they understand what Athletic Trainers do. We have medical experience in many conditions other than athletic injuries.
  10. I am interested in St. Croix. Does anyone know how to apply for this school? Do you just apply to Barry and then select which school you prefer? I am just curious for the next cycle coming up.
  11. Thank you for the updates! Congrats and Best Wishes to those with an interview. If you have any tips regarding why you think your were selected that would be great and helpful for the next cycle. Still hopeful...
  12. Thank you all for the updates! I must say at least SMU keeps applicants up to date with their emails. Other schools have not emailed or called, etc. I am still hopeful over here ; ). Congrats and Best wishes to all with the interviews!
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