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So below is a recent communication from MAPA


I would like to point out that this is going to be an uphill battle - MASS is very heavily weighted with MD/DO with the whole Boston Health Care - ie Brighams, Mass General and the like


It is going to take a lot of work for MAPA to get this going and get it through the state house - now is the time time to join MAPA or at least throw some $$$ at the MASS PA PAC that is with MAPA.  Even $20 helps



I have not affiliation with MAPA just a MASS PA who is sick and tired of all the restrictions that the state has needlessly placed on us


Some things I know need to change

1) PA can not sign for school bus physicals (sillys since the DOT is now a training and certification and it is the same)

2) DM shoes (national issue)

3) MASSHEALTH has a very restrictive view on recognizing the signatures of PAs on its forms

4) Pharmacy continue to put PA scripts under doc's name

5) PA should be able to sign Health Care Proxy invocation forms - invoking health care proxy

6) VNA and Hospice (national issue

7) I am sure there are many more issues in MASS - if you are aware of a State Level issue maybe you can post it here and I will forward to MAPA



Overall this change is going to take time effort and money - MAPA can put the time and effort into it - but it takes $$ donations to help with this.....



(I am in no way affiliated with MAPA - just a MASS PA wanting to get the practice rules changed to OTP)





Dear MAPA Members,

There’s a lot going on in PA legislation right now and we wanted to provide our valued members with real-time updates.

HB1686 – An act relative to Physician Assistant Non-competes has been placed in the Order of the Day for the next session, meaning the house will likely take up a vote on this bill soon.
HB1709 – An Act Enabling Physician Assistants to Authorize Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Holds remains in committee.  Thank you for all of those that have submitted written testimony for the hearing.  We are hoping to hear that the bill was reported out favorably any day now and we will let you know of any updates.

We are happy to report that MAPA will be submitting legislation to advance Optimal Team Practice (OTP) in the Commonwealth.  We have received additional support from AAPA to undertake this project.  The bills are currently being drafted and meetings with legislators are being scheduled. 

We will need significant support from all of you to advance this bill forward.  We will be sending out numerous emails in the next few months looking for written testimony and perhaps for members to speak at potential joint committee hearings at the State House.

Most importantly we need to increase our funds in the Political Action Committee (PAC) Fund.  The MAPA PAC provides a means for eligible PAs to participate in the political process on a state level by support state senate and congressional candidates who are committed to the principles that drive the PA Profession.  The funds here would significantly increase our ability to meet with state officials and advance PA positive legislation.

Thank you for your membership and if you're not a member or have recently expired please consider joining us.  Your membership fee allows the volunteer executive board to retain our government consulting firm, Charles Group Consulting, providing full-time access and support to advance our legislative agenda.  


Joshua Merson, MS-HPEd, PA-C, EM-CAQ
President, Massachusetts Association of PAs


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7 hours ago, Mayamom said:

Confused about #4.  My name has always been on the prescription bottle.  Is this something new?  Hoping to attend the 

MAPA conference in March in Burlington.  It is an excellent CME day!

many many times the pharmacy puts the SP as the real prescriber


if your name is on the bottle then it should be under you


I have more times then not had a phamracy refuse to fill a script as the SP name is not on my script pads.  (totally legal per the 2012 law)   They call up and B$%^^ and I tell them it does not need to be on the script period.  Go look at the law.  But I think some  insurance companies want the doc......


We just need to have our own stand alone profession



I am in extreme western MA - Boston and Worcester is just to far for most things and the prices for rooms is insane....  I go to Burlington VT for great CME 

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