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Two F's

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So, back in 2016 I was still pursuing engineering, as I was also struggling mentally and physically after my father died. I was having a lot of panic attacks and other issues. I ended up getting F's in Calc 3 and Calc-based physics. I am curious how this is going to affect. I know the F's will stand out but will schools care much about them as they are not necessary for PA school? I got a B in Calc 2 and an A in the physics lab. I just messed up horribly on the final and it cost me in both classes. I've calculated my GPAs and both my cum and science will be around 3.2 with pre-req being around a 3.4. I plan to apply to schools that look at last 60 credits and lower GPAs, plus I'm an in-state NC resident so I will be applying to my two state programs and hope my explanation of extenuating circumstances will help. I spoke with the Dean of engineering on removing those due to my circumstances but it was a no-go; it was worth trying. Anyway, please feel free to give me your advice! I'm 29 and kind of feeling pressure from a lot of different sides to do well and just get in, at this point. I won't be applying this cycle but the question is still relevant. Thanks and happy holidays!

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I received an F in Anatomy & Phys 1 and lab and also in one public health class that is considered a science by CASPA. My GPA was still extremely competitive (all grades considered even the F). Obviously those classes were repeated. You really dont know your GPA until you enter it into CASPA, I expected mine to be higher. Anyways, I was accepted to the only program I applied to even with those previous grades. 

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