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  1. I received an F in Anatomy & Phys 1 and lab and also in one public health class that is considered a science by CASPA. My GPA was still extremely competitive (all grades considered even the F). Obviously those classes were repeated. You really dont know your GPA until you enter it into CASPA, I expected mine to be higher. Anyways, I was accepted to the only program I applied to even with those previous grades.
  2. I am currently taking genetics with Doane. It is actually the last week of class. The course is pretty simple and as long as you do the required readings/videos you should have no problem getting an A. The professor really has your best interest and replies to emails super quickly. There is a required book that was like $25 to rent it from amazon. I have an A in the class and if I am completely honest I could have put in more effort. Quizzes are easy let's hope the final is just as easy.
  3. Has anyone else heard back from their interview on 10/1 or 10/2? I interviewed on 10/1 and have not heard anything yet
  4. @johncfl I interviewed on the same day, we actually met. Did they mention how long until we hear back? The wait is already killing me and it has only been a week. Good luck to you!
  5. Did you receive the information packet from them? They include hotel recommendations
  6. @PA2BEE101 I was told by Desi Harter, associate director of the program that they do not have rolling admissions.
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