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  1. As someone who is older and still have years before taking the leap and accruing much more debt, what other careers might you be referring to? lol
  2. So, back in 2016 I was still pursuing engineering, as I was also struggling mentally and physically after my father died. I was having a lot of panic attacks and other issues. I ended up getting F's in Calc 3 and Calc-based physics. I am curious how this is going to affect. I know the F's will stand out but will schools care much about them as they are not necessary for PA school? I got a B in Calc 2 and an A in the physics lab. I just messed up horribly on the final and it cost me in both classes. I've calculated my GPAs and both my cum and science will be around 3.2 with pre-req being around
  3. After receiving a few C's, I know that I will have to retake some classes, and one thing I am concerned about is my university restarted my GPA once I transferred from a CC. So my 3.75 GPA became a 0.00, so even though the classes transferred the GPA doesn't and so there was no cushion when I did poorly in some classes (including an F in both calc 3 and physics). So, I will retake some pre-reqs and I am curious if I retake them at a different CC after graduating, does it matter or is just factored in regardless of the institution I took the class in? Also, does the same apply to my GPA? Just b
  4. As the title says, I am located in the Charlotte area and would like to shadow a PA in any specialty in Charlotte or surrounding areas. Please comment below or message me with any opportunities; they would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I could be wrong, but I believe it would be useful if someday you intend to teach and step away from clinical duties.
  6. My literal only concern has been what it could do to my GPA, as it is already not stellar. Everyone has been telling me to take it to show my abilities, but in my area, no school seems to have a good program for it, so I have been weary of it. A fair amount of program I'm interested in don't require it, so that was my exact mindset. I should think about this more before deciding to take it and possibly hurting my GPA. Thanks for the re-encouragement against.
  7. It's been stated pretty clearly how my school has a notoriously bad chemistry department (it's been on probation for quite some time now, as well as physics depart) and I have been steered away by many on not taking organic at my college. Though, some of the programs I will apply to don't require it, I think it would be helpful to still take it. If people could list programs that I could look into I would greatly appreciate it. Planning on taking it this summer. Medical terminology is another. It is difficult to get into if you're anything other than an exercise phys major on my campus. Thanks
  8. So, I think the title is pretty self-explanatory. I am hesitant to take orgo and biochem after hearing the horror stories of them. Not to mention how it will affect my already subpar GPA. I feel I may already know the answer to this but is it foolish for me to completely skip those courses, as some programs don't require them? Thanks
  9. I would like some more insight regarding this. My grades are meh. I could share in a message if you'd like but I'm really starting to weigh heavily the RN option and later down the line becoming an NP.
  10. You would think it would be no problem whatsoever! The hospitals in my area will only allow someone that possesses a CNA license to be an ER tech. Pretty sure I'm over qualified to take vitals, move and clean up bodily fluids. Atleast the board is allowing me to challenge the test and not have to pay money and take an unnecessary cna course.
  11. So, let me briefly explain my situation: I have my state EMT certification, but because of rotating shifts and my local agency requiring full time since it's a all 911 service in huge, busy metro area, it is hard to do that with school. I have been told that in my state of NC I can challenge the CNA test (I have the paperwork and the state board confirmed), but I do not know what is tested on the skills portion. I have taken the practice exam (not skills portion) and passed without even studying. My plan is to be an ER tech PRN or part time so I can fulfill hours, stop taking out student loa
  12. I'm in Chem 1 and Bio and Stats right now, with respective labs, and I feel your pain lol. Being a former engineer (I'm 28) I feel that it is going to get worse before it gets better. It might help to remember why you are doing this. A lot of sacrifices will be made, A lot of sleep will be lost, relationships compromised, tears and frustration, but it will be worth it, as long as it is worth it you! Ask yourself (really, ask yourself) why you are wanting to be a PA. If the first thing that you think is "for the good pay" then I urge you to find other reasons to be in this career. Much more mon
  13. That was my thought process as well. Once I made the pre-PA switch, I've had A's and B's in my chem and bio courses. Thanks for the reassurance!
  14. I've used a GPA calculator and my GPA is around a 3.2, but I still have most of my pre-reqs for PA school left. I've calculated what it would be if I was squeaky clean, and it'd be around a 3.5. That F in physics and calculus 3 really knocked my GPA down. I'm hoping that the upward trend and explaining it briefly in my personal statement about my illness and dad's death will help admission committees feel better about giving me a shot.
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