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Licensing application questions

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I am in the process of applying for a Washington license. I'm filling out the application and not sure how to answer a couple things. The application asks about licenses in other states. I have a Texas license. It then asks for the credential number for that license. Is that the license number? It then asks how I received this credential and gives the choices: endorsement, examination, grandparented, reciprocal, or other. I'm not sure which one to pick. It also asks for credential type and gives the choices: temporary, permanent, or other. Again I am not sure which to pick. I tried to call and ask these questions, but was told I would not get a response for about 2 wks. Any ideas how to best answer these questions?

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1) Yes, the Texas credential number is the license number.  Basic definitional stuff here--a credential is a license or a certification.
2) If you got your Texas license originally, I suspect endorsement or examination are the correct possibilities.  Have you reviewed the online instructions?  Of the three questions, this is the only one that appears remotely difficult.
3) any non-interim, non-temporary license is permanent... even though it expires quite frequently.


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