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  1. I do not feel like I’m just taking sick days willy nilly. I hate taking sick days and have only taken them on the days where my fever was sky high and all I could do was lay in bed. These haven’t been the sick days where I’m just hanging around watching TV. And unfortunately this past week I have had to take 2 days because my laryngitis got so bad I can’t speak.
  2. This is my first year working in primary care. Most of the patients I see are sick visits. I get sick all the time. Over the holidays I had 2 URIs back to back. Now I’ve got laryngitis and can hardly speak. It seems like every other month or so I catch something. I feel like I’m letting my coworkers down because I’ve already taken 5 sick days in the past 6 months. Is this normal? Will my immune system get stronger? Or is this just how it will be if I continue seeing all the sick patients?
  3. Any tips for doing this? I feel like most of my day is spent just seeing patients and this leaves little time for labs, call back, documents, refills, etc.
  4. I'm a relatively new grad and have been working in primary care for about 7 months now. I see about 15 patients/day and I am feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work I have. I write most of my notes write after seeing the patient, but usually by the end of the day I still have a couple things to finish on some notes. On top of that I have telephone encounters, labs, documents, and refill requests to review. I also like to prep my charts the day before so I know what I'm going to be seeing the next day. All of this amounts to being at work from about 7 AM (going in 1 hr early) to 5:30 PM and then doing about an hour of work at home. Lately I've been feeling like most of my life during the week is just work. I also don't think this situation is just because I'm new. The MD and PA I work with, both with 20 yrs of experience, do the same thing. It's making me feel burnt out from primary care and I've hardly just started. How much work do you do at home each day? What specialty are you in?
  5. I wanted to update and share how this turned out. I countered their offer and wound up getting them to agree on one location. However, they would not budge on the benefits. I accepted against the advice you guys gave me here. About a week and a half later I was supposed to come in to fill out new employee paperwork. They pulled a bait and switch and told me the position would no longer be for the location that was agreed upon. I was very upset and told them I would no longer be working with them. It is just unfortunate because for about 2 weeks I put my job search on hold. I was burned pretty badly. I should have taken the benefits as a bigger red flag than I did.
  6. Thanks for your thoughts. I actually did counter. I countered to work at one location (Because between the two is just farmland so not really anywhere to live. Also the original job positing was for only one location.). I also asked for PTO and sick along with CME time and allowance. I'm waiting to hear back.
  7. The schedule is random from what they've told me. So shifts could be back to back or separated. I would not be making my own schedule so I doubt I would have the kind of flexibility you're talking about. No 401k, 2-3 patients an hour, possibly more. I would have to have someone cover me if I'm sick. I would not be paid for the day I'm sick, but I could possibly take someone else's shift. They did not say anything about OT. I will need to ask about that.
  8. Time split between 2 locations 2 hrs apart. 3 13.5 hr shifts/wk. $52/hr. Malpractice and health insurance coverage. No PTO the first year. 36 hrs PTO the second year (this includes sick and vacation time). No CME time or allowance. Thoughts?
  9. Anyone work in inpatient psychiatry here? What is an average day like and do you enjoy it?
  10. What's your reasoning behind this? Just wondering what the biggest red flag is.
  11. I'm a new grad in TX and I have an offer for an internal medicine position. IM is what I'd love to do, but I am a bit hesitant to take this position. Here is what's concerning me the most: -PTO 80 hrs/yr which includes vacation, CME, and sick time. This is non-negotiable. - The other PA on my would-be team will be leaving for maternity leave in 3 mos. and I may be left to pick up the slack. - The Dr. I would be working for does not check his own patient notifications (labs, consults, phone messages, etc.). The other PA and I would have to do this. Other than this, the position seems ok to me. 95k/yr. M-F 8-5 with one half day a week. Please let me know your thoughts.
  12. I'm interested in the possibility of getting a job in Canada when I graduate. Is this even possible? Do they even consider U.S. applicants?
  13. Hey everyone! I was a part of the UTMB PA Class of 2016, but unfortunately I had to declare a leave of absence this semester because of some medical issues (appendicitis and complications). I will be starting again with the incoming class next year. Does anyone know if there is a Class of 2017 Facebook page yet? I'm looking forward to meeting my new classmates :)
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