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PRN hourly rate

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Thanks for replying!

Its in rural NC. It will def be a good opportunity to develop some dif skills as they are not a trauma center and there will be an opportunity to manage those kinds of pts without a trauma team, ect. Currently at a larger trauma center with access to a lot of specialty services so a lot of the critical care stuff gets done upstairs instead of in the ED. I just didn't know what kind of hourly rate to expect since they aren't having to pay me any benefits.

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In my experience rates vary so much regionally and even at the local level. For example there is a $30+/hr difference in pay from my full time job compared to a hospital 20 min down the road from us.

As a “newish” PA I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity For more experience and hey $9hr more does add up. The main benefit though could very easily be from networking.  Also never ever ever a bad idea to diversify in this bussiness! Like EMEDPA said most of us have multiple jobs  Personally, I have a full time clinical and teaching job and am also credentialed at 3 small solo coverage hospitals that I pick up shifts on the regular  

Botton line I’d say go far it and work your way up the pay scale...

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