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  1. Please PM me any info as well. Interested in starting an EM program.
  2. Thank you but should be standard for PAs in emergency medicine. No reason that we should not make at least half of what physicians are making.
  3. Im in the same boat... wanting to diversify my practice from strictly emergency medicine to wound care. From what I see you have the ABWM and APWH who will both certify PAs plus a whole bunch of other "certification courses." Curios what PAs practicing in wound care have done or if y'all have received any additional certification?
  4. I use age adjusted. We do lovenox as well.
  5. Emedpa, I’ve been in the same situation and have looked into this topic of D Dimer and Covid patients. My critical care doc says it’s helpful on their side to predict outcome ie high D Dimer patient doesn’t do so well. So with that in mind all admits get a d dimer at my shop. If it’s positive we generally do scan. If I’m leaning more outpt tx I will get one if they are PERC pos. Have actually caught a few PEs in young healthy Covid pos patients. For now I’ll be liberal with the D Dimers.
  6. Same here ! Congratulations!
  7. I just got notified my scores are in
  8. I looked on the NCCPA website and apparently could get results as early as 8 weeks.
  9. It’s all in your protocol. Lynchburg has a certificate program dedicated to telemed so definelty a number of PAs doing it.
  10. Would like you guys option on a situation I recently encountered. Doing solo coverage at a small ED and get a call from the floor to see a patient that has a new onset GI bleed ( was admitted for respiratory complaint). I refused to go to the floor because my protocol does not cover hospitalist work and it’s questionable if my malpractice insurance would cover it. The attending physician for the patient refused to come in “because it’s the ER responsibility for emergencies”. The hospital DON gets involved and her solution is to discharge the patient from the floor and have them brought to the ER for the new GO bleed complaint. messed up in my mind on many levels.
  11. I just left EM full time for academics. Still do some EM work. PM me if you want to chat more. It’s a hard transition at first but so worth it.
  12. I know one optho PA. He does exams and assist in the OR. Not sure of the particulars.
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