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  1. I guess my main concerns is ive seen a trend in my area of some of the CMOs starting these “residencies” for APPs that are just a way to get cheep labor. No off service rotations, minimal didactics... Personally I think these programs should be shut down as they have minimal education value and are focused on corporate profits.
  2. I think behind the scenes we are making progress on this front. I’ve personally seen a difference in respect and somewhat in pay with a doctorate. Hoping for continued gains with the CAQ-EM. I do think all these “fellowship” and “residency” programs need some oversight from the NCCPA or another regulatory body.
  3. I got a certificate for ATLS the same as physicians did. But it’s my understanding this varies from testing sites. Would definitely verify.
  4. When I do hospital medicine introduce myself as Bird Dog PA one of the hospitalist. Never had any questions.
  5. Agreed, I think when it would become a big factor would be if you had a PhD, DHSc, and/ or a DMSc applying for the same position. I’d assume could also affect faculty rank.
  6. I’ve seen a strong trend in my area of all the “good” and “great” PAs and NPs for that matter leave the big Level 1/2 trauma centers and go rural or at least to level 3 centers where we could see ESI 2-5. I think retention will always be hard in a fast track only or majority facility. I left my first job for this very reason and pay. And while we all have fast track disaster stories most of us want to take care of the “disaster stories” on a daily basis.
  7. Just finished my DMSc earlier this year. I find myself still longing to further my education especially from an admin/bussiness standpoint. Anyone else gotten a doctorate degree and went in to get a masters (MBA, MS, MPH, JM) or a second doctorate (PhD, ect) ? Strongly considering an MBA...
  8. I don’t have any first hand experience with them other than I did apply for a job teaching for the DMSc program and they where very professional with me even though they had already technically filled it. On the other hand Lynchburg is a solid choice and in my opinion for at least the next few years will be the program other DMSc programs are compared too... better or worse.
  9. I looked heavily at both but at the end of the day the time commitment and money is what sold me on the DMSc. I would agree if you are strictly concerned with academics the PHD is the “gold standard” option. I had no problem getting a faculty job with a DMSc but did have several senior faculty members question if students should call me Dr. ... that had to be straightened out real quick.
  10. Used to see an NP when I was in school as he was affiliated with the University. Great guy and actually precepted for the PA school. Now see a family med MD. Would love to see a PA but very few in the area.
  11. One could only hope that some of the options where for calibration purposes otherwise would have major concerns.
  12. I agree we are in competition with NPs. We have to stay currents. For example who do you think will get the job: John Smith MSM, PA-C. OR Jane Doe, DNP, ACNP-BC, FNP-BC Pretty easy to see how that job interview would go. as apposed to when the doctorally trained PA comes to the table with a DHS, DMSc, ect the playing field then becomes leveled.
  13. Tentatively, what day will the CAQ be offered. Getting ready to book the conference and want to make sure I’m there the correct days.
  14. In my experience rates vary so much regionally and even at the local level. For example there is a $30+/hr difference in pay from my full time job compared to a hospital 20 min down the road from us. As a “newish” PA I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity For more experience and hey $9hr more does add up. The main benefit though could very easily be from networking. Also never ever ever a bad idea to diversify in this bussiness! Like EMEDPA said most of us have multiple jobs Personally, I have a full time clinical and teaching job and am also credentialed at 3 small solo coverage hospitals that I pick up shifts on the regular Botton line I’d say go far it and work your way up the pay scale...
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