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  1. Lynchburg is starting a graduate certificate in Telehealth. So that could be beneficial for those starting out and/or getting more knowledge about the admin side of telehealth.
  2. I practice emergency medicine and we have been hit hard. My pay has been cut by 10% and hours as of now by 30% at the level three trauma center I work at ... these cuts are expected to get worse. Thank God for my solo coverage jobs. Honestly because of these is the only reason I sleep at night.
  3. My hours have been cut by about 20 percent. We used to see about 80-90 in a 24 hr period to now doing good to break 50 in 24 hrs. Acuity has been up so it’s been fun to actually see mostly real emergencies.
  4. Agreed! Everyone I have talked to has notes HIPPA concerns. I do think one day students will be utilizing telemedicine but probably still a little while away.
  5. The program I precept for is basically doing that same. Do y’all have any ideas/ opinions on letting students participate in telemedicine encounters?
  6. What is your program doing for clinical rotations during the pandemic ?
  7. Just found out today that a hospital will not credential me because PAs can’t be credentialed for Medicare part A. I have never ran into this issue but this particular critical access hospital it was. Instead they are hiring an NP which apparently can bill for part A. Would love to know everyone else’s experience? this is our livelihood folks...
  8. They provide malpractice for sure. They have been ambiguous about the SP. they have said “ we’ll take care of it”. So we will see. My state has pretty strict rules so I am staying on top of them. Feel free to PM for more details.
  9. I have been in talks with Encore telemedicine. Will keep you all updated.
  10. It may be helpful if you ever wanted to do pre-hospital medicine such as air medical transport.
  11. There actually are two “public directors”. Though these people seem to be more public health/ healthcare admin type people as opposed to true members of the public. But again this puts two additional non PAs on the board that governs certification of PAs.
  12. https://nccpacc.us.newsweaver.com/nccpa-news-august-2018/ydxog02h3ji?a=2&p=2034343&t=196253 Interesting that NCCPA has added two physicians to the board of directors. There are a total of 5 md/do members on the board. As a well developed profession I find it interesting There is this much outside influence. You would certainly not see 5 PAs on the board of directors for an organization that license physicians.
  13. Has anyone been able to successfully register and select a testing center for the CAQ after the SEMPA conference? Pearson vue website is saying it is not available.
  14. Anyone else having issues with Pearson Vue signing up for the EM-CAQ ?
  15. I believe the program director at the University of Lynchburg is a PA, JD.
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