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  1. This is exactly why as a young PA I went ahead and got my DMSc.
  2. I was able to take ATLS as a PA student and get my certificate. I just wasn’t eligible for CME.
  3. Could you provide a link to where this info is. I have not been able to locate anything clear cut on the IRS website.
  4. I will be graduating in a few weeks and the DMSc is already paying off some. Helped to secure a new job that pays a premium and have gotten my first request to guest lecture. Also using it to satisfy some of the requirements to sit for CAQ-EM exam.
  5. Does anyone know of a PA or situation of where a PA taught at a medical school? I'm looking at various faculty positions outside of PA schools. Due to my location faculty jobs at a PA school is somewhat limited that is why Im broadening my search.)
  6. In my neck of the woods solo coverage ED is about 80-90 hr with some places being as high as 120 hr. Just curious if this is average, above, below...
  7. http://www.clintox.org/resources/abat/resourceslinks. T The board meeting is scheduled for Oct 26th. The president of ABAT's email is mlwinter07@comcast.net and his name is Mark Winter PhD. I'm sure emails from PAs would show our interest and could help at the board meeting.
  8. I received an email a few days ago from ABAT and apparently, their board is meeting at the end of this month to clarify some things in regards to how advanced practice providers can become certified. At this time it seems very possible for a PA to become boarded however the whole process seems to be much more geared and friendly toward PharmDs. Will keep you updated.
  9. Yes, I got two of my PRN jobs by applying to NP positions.
  10. State retirement for my fulltime job. Relaxed atmosphere with a comfortable call room and free food at my other jobs.
  11. With all due respect, there are plenty of MDs that have been practicing for years that don't understand the fundamentals of medicine. I don't think a degree or length of experience always equate to competence
  12. I'm at a level 1 academic trauma center full time and usually do 13-14 shifts a month. We average about 36 hrs a week and get 4 hours of "administrative" time. All my other jobs are PRN so I make my schedule.
  13. I recommend being a PA to those who are seriously interested in the profession. I for one still think that it is the greatest in HEALTHCARE. Not gonna lie, if I had it to do over again Id probably look at some type of business/entrepreneurship route. However, I think for the smart and motivated PA the sky is the limit. For example, the hospital system I work for is also a poison control center and are having a very difficult time getting another toxicologist (only 2 left in the state). I went up to the director and told him that I was interested. The first conversation was "thanks but I don't think a PA would help us very much because of accreditation standards"... So I did my research and showed him he was wrong. Now they're head over hills recruiting me. My point to that story is when there is a will there is a way. It all comes down to what an individual wants out of life and how motivated they are. Bottom line it's my personal opinion considering time commitment, opportunity, starting salary PA is still a great option.
  14. I know this is an older thread but I recently gained some very interesting info: One of my supervising docs is double boarded EM/Tox and told me of a way for non-physicians to become boarded in tox. It is through the American Board of Applied Toxicology. Apparently, this certification qualifies one to be the "on call" person for a poison control center. As I get more info I will try to share it.
  15. Telemedicine may be an option though I don't know any particulars other than much of the legality has not been worked out. I know one PA in my state who does Telemedicine from home but it is just for his clinic's patients.
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